My Vow to Be a Better April Fooler [Tall Glass of Shame] Mar31

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My Vow to Be a Better April Fooler [Tall Glass of Shame]

April Fool’s day was first introduced to me by my mother. I remember learning about it from her while we were in the car one day and she made it sound like this April 1st was so full of trickery and pranks that one might not even survive it. I began to worry… What if I am the target of the big prank everyone is in on? What if I don’t make it through this terrifying day unscathed?! The day came and went without so much as a simple joke or attempt at trickery. I felt gypped, I was braced for the worst and instead I had panicked for nothing. I swore that next year, I was going to make sure somebody got pranked. I planned to show no mercy.

A year passed, and suddenly, there it was… April Fool’s day again. I felt unprepared, where had all my planning time gone? I quickly enlisted the help of my father to devise a prank so good and so fool proof that my mother would have the best April Fool’s day ever! We came up with an idea, it was a prank she had even described to me herself: Saran Wrap over the toilet bowl. She got home from work and like clockwork, ran to the bathroom. I’ll spare everyone details, but I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.

April Fool’s day was always a bit of minor fun, but never really took off too much from there. I have found more often than not, it is really just like any other day. Through the years, there have been occasional moments of brilliance with nasty rumors of celebrity death like the John Stamos car wreck on the 101 freeway the morning of April Fool’s 2006. As a pre-teen I used to love to read the Issaquah Press the morning of April 1st as they would always do up the cover as a complete joke. This was always a highlight of the year when it came to that sad little newspaper, but it backfired one time in the early 90′s when they ran a joke story of tainted drinking water in the area.

I think in the modern age we could stand to use a little more jovial trickery in our lives. The simple joys of pulling the wool over someone’s eyes and sharing in a collective joke seems to be a dying art. With the world speeding up and people becoming more focussed on staring into their handheld techno-gadgets, we are losing that primal connection to one another. We all have google on our phones, and live in a world where news travels faster than it can be made, it is hard to fool almost anyone. it seems like the only pranks I hear about anymore are on Youtube, and even half of those look completely fake. I want a prank on the scale of War Of The Worlds… I want panic in the streets while I sit atop a mountain and laugh. I want a joke so big that it can fool an entire nation. Well then again, we did have George W Bush in the White House for eight years, that was a pretty big joke.

I think this year I will try to recapture some of the childish enthusiasm I used to have for this odd non-holiday, so you all better watch out. I think everything and everyone is fair game. I am starting a prank crusade ladies and gentlemen! I think I even have some Saran Wrap with your name on it! Let’s see what fun youtube morsels I have collected for your consumption this week…

This is less prank, and more just awesome… Performance Art or theater of the brilliant? Check out Sexy Sax Man – “Careless Whisper”

Mean pranks are often the funniest to watch. Check out this poor gay man losing his mind in fear on the show Scare Tactics. Here is “Gary The Babysitter”

I am not a big fan of surprises but I love a good “Pickle Surprise!”

Follow in my childish footsteps and learn “How to Saran Wrap a toilet seat…”

Ok and to close one of my favorite songs by Rufus Wainwright: April Fool’s I’ve always loved this guy’s music and his obsession with Opera Divas!