PROM! [Tall Glass of Shame] Apr28

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PROM! [Tall Glass of Shame]

With Spring comes a mad rush of teenagers squeezing into dresses, buying corsages, renting limo’s and trying to figure out how to sneak liquor into a school event. Yes folks, it is Prom season again in the USA! Remember when you had such simple worries as “Will he ask me to Prom?” or “Will I still fit into that JCPenny dress?”

It has been a very long time since I hit the Prom, but I remember how important it seemed back then. The people at my high school took the selection of a dance theme as a joke, they decided it would be funny to all vote for the theme to be “Star Wars.” That was the last year they let the students have so much control over suggesting themes. I must say I didn’t hate the theme as much as I thought I would — I was more disappointed that nobody came dressed as a Wookiee.

There is a certain level of expectation associated with this big event of our youth, and often that can lead to disappointment. So many people end up bummed someone didn’t ask them. Others are sad they didn’t get their dream dress. So much build up happens for a one day event that often it can be hard to make reality match the vision we have in our heads. I love the quote from Pretty in Pink when Annie Potts’ character Iona is chatting with Andie about the prom: “I have this girlfriend that didn’t go to prom and every once in a while she gets this really terrible feeling, you know, like something’s missing. She checks her purse. She checks her keys. She counts her kids, she goes crazy. And then she realizes….nothing is missing. She decided it was side effects from skipping the prom.”

Not much has changed over the years, the build up and excitement seem just as big as ever. With more and more shows on MTV and other channels about ridiculously overdone and overspent youth (like My Super Sweet 16) I can only imagine how high the bar has been set to “impress” in some circles. I’m sure here in LA you’d have to ride in on an elephant and explode into glitter to even turn a head at Prom.

Prom is an expensive night out no matter how you swing it. There are usually some dinner reservations if they aren’t catering the Prom, expensive clothes either purchased or rented, flowers, tickets to the event, sometimes a limo… it all adds up. Around this time you will start to see more ads creeping in for dresses, more limos riding around with kids standing in the sunroofs feeling like they own the world. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a dance though… Andie in Pretty In Pink was smart enough to make her own gown from that hideous thing her dad brought home and the vintage dress Iona gave her to chop up!

Check out this video: This girl’s mom made her an ugly starburst dress for her prom! This seems like it started as a cute idea and the girl seems a little bummed in the end by the result. I would be a little freaked too if my mother became obsessed with making me a dress out of trash. With all the cash they spent on candy, this girl could have been rocking a real designer gown!

And in more creative trash fashion, here is the Capri Sun Prom Dress!

This clip was the worst acting of the last 3 decades but I was glued to my tv to see Donna get caught drunk at the Prom… Hell I would kill today for a t-shirt that says the slogan spawned by the next episode: “Donna Martin Graduates!”

I used to love this music video! It may be more about homecoming than prom but a dance is a dance especially when “The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun!” Thank you Julie Brown!

And in grand fashion of me enjoying a good fall, here is some serious “Prom Fail!”

Ahhh Good times!