5 Television Show Crossovers I Want To See Right Now [Friday 5er] May24

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5 Television Show Crossovers I Want To See Right Now [Friday 5er]

image1. Chopped – The McLaughlin Group Edition

A very special episode of everyone’s favorite quick thinking cooking show. In this episode, John McLaughlin and 3 members of his weekly discussion panel open up their mystery baskets in an effort to please three renowned chefs using unusual food combinations in a way that doesn’t immediately make you want to vomit. Things take a unique turn when the contestants cannot come to a consensus as to the best way to open their baskets and spend the duration of air time in a heated debate about picnic etiquette and basket making.


image2. The Daily Show: Guest Host Ryan Lochte

If The Daily Show tends to be a tad too “political” for you, this is definitely the episode to watch. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte will run down the latest in beer, bromance and babes with a frequent “Jeah!” to punctuate the importance of those issues. The episode will also feature a breakdown of Ryan’s daily hair maintenance!


image3. Martha Stewart’s Scared Straight

Martha will open her home to a group of “at risk” youths to show them the bleak reality of breaking the law. Watch their horrified faces as she forces them to create a table scape using only what is in her basement and bake a batch of cranberry sage scones using dried cranberries and powdered sage! Martha eventually breaks down herself, however, when she realizes she has run out of unpasteurized goats milk. It’s a learning experience for all involved!


image4. Dance Moms Catch A Predator

The long running hit show To Catch A Predator is joined by Abby and the moms, who hope to catch a creepy pedo on national television. The pairing only lasts for one episode, however, as the man they successfully netted escapes when the moms fall into a heated discussion over whose child served as the most successful bait. Of course Abby thinks they are all terrible bait and need more practice.


image5. Bates Motel Impossible

Veteran hotel operator Anthony Melchiorri takes on his biggest challenge to date: whipping the Bates Motel and owner Norma Bates into ship shape! He must master such tasks as creating community interest in the motel for reasons other than homicide, distance the operation from any human trafficking rings and try to keep himself and designer Blanche Garcia alive long enough to realize their redesign vision!