A Quick Big Gay Update! [A Tall Glass Of Shame] May24

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A Quick Big Gay Update! [A Tall Glass Of Shame]

So with all the big gay developments in pop culture and politics over the last few weeks I figured you all could use a Big Gay Update! It appears we finally have a president willing to step out and *gasp* not only acknowledge the concept of equal rights for gays, but put his support behind it. Whatever his motivations, I don’t care it is just nice to see a little progress hitting the highest of political realms. I know many people may hem and haw about it as a political tactic, but those same people are the ones that have been bitching for so long for him to show his support in the first place. I for one, am pleased with his declaration of support as well as the NAACP and like to believe that this is a huge step in the correct (not “right”) direction…

As for television and the gays? Not too long back the only mainstream gay thing we could see on TV was Will and Grace, and God knows those characters were simplistic characters that were only gay in bitchy words and demeanor. God forbid we actually see Will get a little action on television! It seems that nowadays you can’t swing a dead cat on a major network without hitting one of us mo’s. We are all over the place now, from very out and proud Kurt on Glee to the negative spirit couple trudging their way through the afterlife in American Horror Story season 1. Filtered in and among many mainstream shows we are plopped in there just like real life as friends, family members and the general population. It is nice to see we aren’t just the screaming queen next door neighbor or a dead gay guy on CSI anymore.

Bravo TV has long been the bastion of everything gay and everything the gays love, and they still hold the position of honorary gay network. These days on Bravo, if there isn’t a gay guy on the show then it usually contains a bunch of ridiculous vapid bitches fighting, which appears to be like crack for many a homo soul. If you ask me, Andy Cohen has overstayed his welcome with his ridiculous Watch What Happens crap, and we could use a new gay face on that network besides just him and crotchety old Jeff Lewis. Bravo could use a little revamping of their gays as it appears to be tipping the scales in favor of prissy, over tanned, mean bitches.

Logo TV, the biggest gay network around, seems to keep upping the ante every season with Ru Paul’s Drag Race and season 4 did not disappoint. I predicted the top 3 contestants in an article before the season began and must say throughout the competition I fell more and more in love with season 4 winner Sharon Needles’ drag. Sharon is the real deal and has brought to light a whole other style of drag that to me is so much more exciting and fun to watch. In celebration, let’s watch her promo spot for season 4 one last time…

There are things to look forward to still for Ru Paul’s Drag Race fans, coming soon is the newest season of Ru Paul’s Drag U. God knows last season they retooled it a bit to make the show more palatable, but I am still scratching my head as to why we are making over real women as drag queens to help their self image. I know I will most likely be watching just to catch a glimpse of some of my favorite performers from Drag Race, it’s just too bad I have to sit through all the clips of depressed women whining about how their heels hurt, they don’t want to show their legs or how they wouldn’t be caught dead in sequins… If you can stomach that part I know you’ll catch a few choice one liners from Ru’s queens. Here’s the newest promo for the show on Logo TV:

As for our other gay friendly but not overtly gay networks? NBC has a new show premiering this fall titled The New Normal. From Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. Gay themes abound in his work as I already mentioned, and he is never one to shy away from the subject in interviews. “There are people who want to have children, people that want to get married, and all of these people just want to do that from happiness. So these are simple things, and they seem obvious to maybe you and me — but to a lot of America, it may not be obvious. So yeah, I would love to be part of that conversation.” Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter at NBC’s 2012 upfront presentation. This show seems to pick up and run with the torch first carried by the show Modern Family with their gay couple who adopts. This show will cause a lot of buzz and perhaps some controversy, but it is good to see something that isn’t shying away from it. If the topic isn’t your thing, perhaps you will enjoy seeing Ellen Barkin play a homophobic conservative mother of the couple’s potential surrogate mother? Check out the trailer for it here:

On the flip side of the coin, we have the groan worthy Partners premiering this Fall on CBS. From the creators of Will and Grace comes this white-washed boring show plumped up with the typical stereotypes and another character so similar to Jack that it may was well be called Some straight dude and Jack. I won’t be tuning in, but you can check out the behind the scenes sneak in this link:

Now the movies haven’t been overtly gay lately, but this Summer I know a lot of boys will be lining up to check out Magic Mike.

While not a gay film, and mainly about a bunch of presumably straight strippers, It will be a big ol’ gay magnet at the box office. I hope this enlightens me to the ins and outs of the world of male stripping just as much as Showgirls enlightened me to the world of “dancers” in Las Vegas… That is of course to say I hope it is a delicious campy mess anybody can watch and giggle about, someday to be seen on TBS with little digital speedos placed where the censors deem the nudity to be too much. (PS: Is Matthew McConaughey seriously still trying to look young?) This could be hysterical and it is going on my must watch list for the Summer. Just so the theater is extra rowdy, let’s all go get drunk beforehand…

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