A YouTube Holiday Adventure! [A Tall Glass of Shame] Dec15

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A YouTube Holiday Adventure! [A Tall Glass of Shame]

You have survived the holidays thus far and with just a week to go you are in the home stretch, so this week I wanted to bring a little creepy and a little cheer to my stressed and weary readers. Kick back, watch the videos and laugh a little this holiday. Feel free to forward them on and spread the bizarre cheer of the season even further!

First up, a great music video for a new song by Accidental Airplay, “Who Spiked The Eggnog?” I’m giving a big shoutout to my friend El who is part of this awesome group!

In grand tradition of embarrassing myself, I may try this later this week as I finish my shopping… There is nothing better than making everyone around you very uncomfortable. I now show you: “Dancing With An Ipod: Christmas Edition!”

In the same vein, but a little more leotardy and jazzhandarific: “Miracle on 42nd street”

This one is creepy and fun: “The Divine David: Xmas master class”

Do you want my Pere Noel?! Well, do you?

Anyone that has endured my bitching during the holidays knows I hate the song “Little Drummer Boy,” but there are now 2 exceptions to the rule… 1. The version from Pee-Wee’s xmas special with Grace Jones singing it, and now 2. Marlene Dietrich taking on “Little Drummer Boy!”

And now I leave you with a truly American Xmas Story as seen by the Chinese…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody! See you in the new year!