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Ask Dr. Miro: Do Men Have a “Special” Spot? [What You Didn’t Learn in Health Class]

Dear Dr. Miro,

Is there a “special” spot for men on the penis that is more sensitive than other parts? Also, how do you know how rough your man wants his junk handled?

Kenya Makett Goodner

Dear KMG,

There are so many spots on the penis that can be considered “special” but what you are probably looking for are those “OOH RIGHT THERE!” places. I suggest gentle licks around the coronal ridge and to make sure you pay attention to the frenulum. Always remember lots of saliva and lube. Everyone likes different pressures (on all their body parts) so start out soft and work your way up the pressure circuits. It should be pretty obvious what he is liking and when he wants more. You can even ask him things like, “You like how I do this?” Or, “You want it harder, Big Guy?” You get the picture.

Lust & Happiness,
Dr. Miro

featured image photo credit: Bennett 4 Senate