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Autofellatio is Real? [Ask Dr. Miro: What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class]

Dear Dr. Miro,

I just saw that old SNL skit where Will Ferrell gives himself a BJ. Is that even possible?

Inspired to Take Yoga

Dear ITTY,

What you are referring to is called Autofellatio, the taking of one’s genitals into one’s mouth, for sexual pleasure. And yes, for one in approximately every 3,000 men, it is possible. However, there needs to be extreme flexibility combined with a fit body and a rather long penis. It must be possible for women, as well, but I have yet to see any evidence of this either in adult movies or scientific journals. According to my research, men have been trying to do this since the dawn of time. There is even a myth that the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, created his children Shu (God of Light) and Tefnut (Goddess of Moisture) by pleasuring himself and then spitting out the ejaculate forming his offspring! The first documented case, in a scientific journal on Autofellatio, appeared in the “American Journal of Psychiatry” way back in 1938. There is footage of a 1970’s Ron Jeremy as well as quite the sub-genre/fetish today. I if you care to do your own research, Ricky Martinez is one of the more famous adult entertainers capable of this solo feat and, yes. He is quite impressive.

If you are looking to Bend It Like Beckham, and are rather well endowed length wise, I suggest stretching every day perhaps after a warm bath or sauna. Remember, as I said above, being fit and flexible are necessary. Porn Star Ron Jeremy will be first to admit that due to his protruding belly, he can no longer place his penis in his own mouth. Try not to get hung up on whether or not you will actually achieve this form of sexual contortion. Rather, appreciate getting to know your own body. While there are some men who feel this is the ultimate expression of their sexuality, others remain unimpressed. Said one man, who wishes to remain anonymous in regards to his autofellatio prowess, “Sure I’m capable of it but have you ever tried to tickle yourself? It’s just more fun when someone else is involved.”

Lust & Happiness,
Dr. Miro

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featured image credit: Cake Girl by Hyeyoung Kim