Best of 2010: The Movies! [FaN Cheers]

Ernessa says: I thought for a long time I would choose INCEPTION, because it’s truly a spectacular feat of writing and directing that audiences would come out of that movie saying, “It was so different and confusing” when in actuality we had been spoon-fed the plot and the fact that we understood the question presented at the end means that the filmmaker did his job. As a writer I can only hope to one day be able to so expertly manipulate an audience.  But at the end of the day, I had to go with BLACK SWAN because of the visceral reaction I had to it. I’ve never seen anything that so captured the inner-life of an ambitious artist. At one point I nodded my head and thought, “That’s exactly how it feels.” It was somehow a reflection, a warning, and an inspiration at the same time.

And it looks like I have some company here. Both INCEPTION and BLACK SWAN get nods from other FaN bloggers, too. But let us know what movies you loved this year in the comments.

The Prestige


Alex and Emmy from Dating Ell-A

INCEPTION because it’s the only movie this year that I wanted to see twice in theatres. I also have to give BLACK SWAN a shout out. It’s not a perfect movie, but the writing is perfection.

Debra Goykhman from NewlyNested

There were a number of good films this year, but as of this writing not one in particular stands out. The documentaries EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP and JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK were amazing, indie thriller WINTER’S BONE was worthy of all the critical accolades it received, and THE SOCIAL NETWORK is an extremely well-made film worthy of its popular success.

Joe Rusin from On the Contrary

127 HOURS and not just because it’s James Franco pinned under a rock for most of it.

Josh Pullin from Stay At Home Nerd

2. True Grit
3. The Town (my guiltiest moviegoing pleasure)

R.B. Ripley from The Indie Chronicles

SHUTTER ISLAND. An Olympian B movie with a cast of brilliant character actors having a Thanksgiving feast with the script. The film was the cinematic equivalent of a most delicious jelly doughnut.

Ryan Dixon from The Ryan Dixon Line and FIERCE ANTICIPATION

The Fun

EASY A for reasons I covered HERE.

Amy Brown from Book Simple

I didn’t really love any movie this year.  The one that I enjoyed watching the most was HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, much funnier than I thought it was going to be. I thought Harry Brown was really done well (acting/writing/production).

Amy Robinson from Tall Drink of Nerd

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. This movie surprised me, I hadn’t seen the trailers and wasn’t particularly drawn by the poster, then I totally fell in love with the dragon, whose personality is somewhere between a labrador puppy and a really cuddly cat. The animation is ridiculously good, the character design gorgeous, but I have no idea about the script because I watched it in French with Viking  accents so I only caught about half of the dialog. [Ed. Note -- it was b/c you watched in French, Gudrun. I still remember SPACE JAM as being AWESOME b/c I saw in Chinese]

Gudrun Cram-Drach from Secret Life of an Expat

I haven’t seen many of the Prestige Pics yet (Kids Are All Right, Black Swan, The Fighter, etc.).  Social Network was dandy.  But I’d have to say it’s a toss up between SCOTT PILGRIM and EASY A.  Both created worlds unto themselves and were super duper fun.  Fun = my favorite.

Michael Kass from Single White Nerd

Finding out that I was pregnant five months into 2010 and having a two year old put a serious cramp in our movie watching! So my selection is limited. But, I think my favorite movie of this year was THE KARATE KID. Yes, I am aware that it was set in China and that he learned Kung Fu…but I do not care! It was awesome! I thought both Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan were excellent. And I liked how the kicked the violence up a notch…he took some serious beat-downs in the film. I usually hate remakes, but I loved this film!

Monique King-Viehland from Political Physics

SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD. Clever, visually creative, fun storyline, and an all around good film. I am a little sick of Michael Cera at this point, but I loved this film. It was playful in all the right ways and shows that you can make a hit movie in Hollywood without being “safe” and doing what has been done before, or having to remake another damn TV show from the 80′s. I swear to God I’ll shoot someone if I see a movie version of Perfect Strangers hit the pipeline.

Zack Bunker from Tall Glass of Shame

Wassup, Doc?

EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP. The Banksy documentary. Hilarious & inspiring. Makes you want to commit misdemeanors.

Kelli Bielema from Fierce in Seattle

Hands down, JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK. Amazing.

Dr. Miro Guldesky from Ask Dr. Miro

EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP —  the title still doesn’t make sense to me, but it is by far one of the funniest documentaries I have ever seen.  Proving once again that life is far more ridiculous than a fiction writer could ever get away with.

Roya Hamadani from Fierce Foodie

And Stuff That So Didn’t Come Out In 2010

OUTSOURCED We rented this on a whim from iTunes and loved it. It reminded me how good a no-budget indie movie can be.

CH from Buy Me This

The best thing I saw on the big screen was a double-feature of THE THIRD MAN and NIGHT AND THE CITY at the Billy Wilder Theatre. Orson Wells, Joe Cotton, Richard Widmark- those crazy cats are really going places. Also, Inception didn’t suck.

Eric Sims from California Seething

AVATAR.  I know it was technically released at the very end of 2009, I didn’t see it until the new year.  A great story and brilliant special effects show that James Cameron put lots of time into this.  I can only hope the next film will be just as good.

Jersey Joe from Kicking Back With Jersey Joe

umm….THE KITE RUNNER? I don’t know, sorry drawing a blank but I do know I was really impressed with that movie.

Kelly Lett from Nerd In Transition

FANTASTIC MR. FOX was one of my favorites. I think we watched it this year. I also will say I liked Alice in Wonderland, too. I love the costumes!

Missy Kulik from Dork Lifestyle