Best of 2012: The Movies! [FaN Cheers]

Ernessa says: I don’t want to say, bedrest is a b-word, but I haven’t gotten to see nearly as much Oscar far as I usually do around this time of the year, including the much-buzzed-about DJANGO UNCHAINED. I think that’s why for the first time ever, I’m picking an action film, as opposed to a foreign or indie movie, as my favorite film of the year. Though to be fair, I’ve loved Joss Whedon for a long, long time at this point in my nerdy life, starting with ROSEANNE and following through every single TV series he’s executive produced, including BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, SERENITY, DOLLHOUSE — I even watched the entire run of ANGEL, and then rewatched the episodes with the behind-the-scenes commentary from the writers, back when DVDs were still popular. So if I were going to hitch a “best of” to an action film, it would be one directed by nerd god, Joss Whedon. And I clearly remember thinking as I watched AVENGERS in the movie theater, that it was the best movie I’d seen all year. Also, who could ignore a film that gave us the Hulk-Loki ragdoll moment. When I think of glee, I think of that moment.

And I’m not the only one that tapped AVENGERS for best of honors this year…



At the moment it is a tie between 1) THE AVENGERS 2) THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and 3) SKYFALL. I’ve got an adventure theme going.

Jennifer May Nickel from Gal About Town: Fashion and Travel at Your Fingertips


Man, 2012 was an incredible year for movies.  ESPECIALLY if you’re a geek because you got a triple helping of comic lore between AMAZING SPIDERMAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and THE AVENGERS. And while precedent dictates I should choose one of these by default, I’m going with LOOPER.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a time travel movie we could call truly great and LOOPER did so masterfully, eschewing the complications of conveying to an audience “why it works”  by turning our heads firmly in the “why it’s kickass” direction.

Joshua Irish from Game On


PROMETHEUS. Yes, I know there were logic holes galore, but the imagination and the filmmaking were so great, that I just let my suspension of disbelief run free.

Matt Udvari from Gamer by Design



Two-way tie: THE MASTER and HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE with an honorable mention for CABIN IN THE WOODS.

Charles L.Cron from Thought Chuck


MOONRISE KINGDOM. Yeah, I like Wes Anderson, you got a fucking problem with that? I also like puppies and bunnies and birthday cards and Christmas so blow me. I don’t like ponies, though, pointless freaky midget horsy things. And Hello Kitty. Fuck her. And Zooey Deschanel — what is the point of her? I want her to drown in a bathtub of tomato soup that she ordered using Siri in that commercial that I hate which, like all Apple commercials, is designed to make me never, ever, ever want to purchase an Apple product for fear of becoming a Mac Douche like Justin Long. I like my iPad, though. I’m complicated.

Eric Sims from California Seething


MOONRISE KINGDOM. Even if this wasn’t the only movie I actually saw that was released this year, I’d still say that I liked it. I’m a Wes Anderson fan and happily he seems to be returning to his earlier form with this one. There’s always that moment at the end where he just sort of rips out your heart, but then he gives you a great big hug, so it’s okay. You didn’t really need that heart anyway.

Madam HR from HorroR Stories


I enjoyed MOONRISE KINGDOM because of their clothes and the images surrounding the story.

Missy Kulik from Dork Lifestyle


ARGO. Hands down a great story, expertly crafted and executed with a very well cast group of actors. Totally enjoyable.

Zack Bunker from A Tall Glass of Shame and The Runway Rundown



DRAGON (WU XIA) with Donnie Yen. The story is complex and interesting, the action direction was amazing and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The final fight scene will blow your mind AND Takeshi Kaneshiro is easy on the eyes. I’ve seen the movie three times and I actually think I’ll watch it again tonight since you made me think about it again. Check out the trailer below. (Honorable mention to THE EYES OF THAILAND, which I raved about back in April, and which just got screened at the United Nations Ban on Landmines global conference in Geneva!)

Amy Robinson, Blogumnist Editor and writer of Tall Drink of Nerd


CABIN IN THE WOODS. I think I was just in the mood for a horror movie the night I Netflixed this.  Sure, you have the token jock, the gorgeous blond, and the stoner, but this provided some unexpected twists that promoted it to more than just a simple slasher/horror movie.

Jersey Joe from Kicking Back with Jersey Joe


HEADHUNTERS. Oh what fun this movie is. This Norwegian import is a wicked comedy-thriller with a spiraling plot that gets better with every absurd twist and turn.