Best of 2012: TV! [FaN Cheers]

Ernessa says: Oh, I had a hard time with choosing a best TV show this year. I usually pick comedies, and in 2012, we had a couple that I really love: THE MINDY PROJECTs Mindy Kaling feels like my spirit animal, and the zany alien show, THE NEIGHBORS, makes me feel like I’m back in the 80s, cracking up at THE CONEHEADS again. But at the end of a long week, if I could only pick one thing to watch, it would be SCANDAL (ABC).  It’s so juicy, so addictive, so well-paced and thrilling — like WEST WING meets DYNASTY. I love, love it, love it!


Meanwhile not a lot of comedy made this year’s list — maybe we just didn’t feel like laughing?




I really liked ANIMAL PRACTICE (NBC), which got killed early by NBC. Dudes, it starred a MONKEY! Plus anytime you can add Bobby Lee and Tyler Labine, you’ve got me for a few episodes. You can watch the pilot here:

Amy Robinson, Blogumnist Editor and writer of Tall Drink of Nerd


ANIMAL PRACTICE …but it was cancelled. I miss that little capuchin.

Jennifer May Nickel from Gal About Town: Fashion and Travel at Your Fingertips



Charles L.Cron from Thought Chuck


ELEMENTARY (CBS). Okay, I haven’t actually watched this yet, but I plan on it. I have like eight episodes saved in my DVR just waiting for me after I watch all those episodes of AMERICAN PICKERS and GHOST HUNTERS. Plus, I liked SHERLOCK, the BBC version that it’s sort of based on (I mean I suppose it’s technically based on the Conan Doyle books, but we wouldn’t have thought about it unless the Brits did it first), so it’s got to be good right? There’s a British guy in it–I love British guys. So, yes, I think it’s ok to say this is my favorite show from 2012.

Madam HR from HorroR Stories


AMERICAN HORROR STORY (FX) has managed to keep my attention this season with their entirely new plot twists, characters and locale. As each season will be a stand alone storyline with revisiting actors taking the lead with new roles, it is a fun mystery box to unwrap each week. Highlight of this season so far was Frances Conroy as the Angel of Death. Can’t wait to see what is in store for Season 3!

Zack Bunker from A Tall Glass of Shame and The Runway Rundown


THE 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS. Despite NBC’s best efforts to destroy the Olympics with meaningless blather, irrelevant segments and Ryan Seacrest, this was the most entertaining two weeks of television all year. For weeks afterwards, I woke up yearning for early morning Women’s Fencing, lunchtime Women’s Water Polo (the Hungarians kick ass at this– who knew?) and Prime Time Women’s Beach Volleyball (the outfits got skimpier as the day went on. Nipple Tassle Gymnastics was on after midnight). It was wonderful to see the best athletes in the world come together to compete on the global stage and get their ass kicked by the USA. USA! USA! USA! But don’t take my word for it – read my post about it! Too bad shameless self promotion isn’t an Olympic event, I’d be on the team for sure! Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait til 2020.

Eric Sims from California Seething


HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE.  I freaking love this show!  The Travel Channel has scored a major home run with Anthony Melchiorri, who puts his 20 years of hospitality experience into saving run down hotels that in danger of closing.  I like his style, I love his marketing approaches, and his no-nonsense attitude toward getting things done.  While TV is littered with all kinds of restaurant and hotel improvement shows, this one is the best and they show you the science behind the industry.  The show was such a hit that a second season was ordered and it premiered the first week of December.

Jersey Joe from Kicking Back with Jersey Joe


The History Channel has this show called THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA. It was well shot for a history show, and it was ACTUALLY about history. Maybe they’re going back to their roots. But anyways, it’s about all the early industry magnates like Rockefeller and Carnegie.

Matt Udvari from Gamer by Design
I thought SECRET PRINCES (TLC) was a funny show and got sucked into seeing that one through. I feel a little bad admitting this.

Missy Kulik from Dork Lifestyle


I don’t have cable so I have to scavenge at other people’s homes if I ever want to see actual television programming. Having only caught glimpses, I can tell you that my favorite show is HERE COMES HONEY BOO (TLC).  It’s delightfully depraved in a variety of ways and mainstream exploitative reality programming at its absolute finest, as if some dark alchemy has allowed them to boil the process down to its barest essence.

Joshua Irish from Game On


I don’t have a television because of all the negative energy it brings into my home. Now can you please hold my Whole Foods bag while I take my son to the healer? He’s come down with a nasty whooping cough that just won’t go away.