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Black Bull Cuckold Fantasy! [Ask Dr. Miro: What You Didn’t Learn in Health Class]

Dear Dr. Miro,

I overheard my husband talking on the phone about how hot Black Bull Cuckoo-Sex scenes are. Is he into crazy animal sex? No matter how secure I am in my sexuality, this seems like something I can’t (& don’t want to) compete with.

Not Into Animals

Dear NIA,

Before you go hiding your pets, understand that Black Bull scenes have nothing to do with actual bovines. During your eavesdropping (an entirely other issue) you may have overheard a bit wrong on the “Cuckoo” part. He was probably talking about cuckolding. Traditionally, a Cuckold is a man whose wife is cheating on him. Now it is more often a referral to a fetish in which a male gets turned on by his partner having sex with other males.

Sometimes referred to as Mandingo Scenarios, a Black Bull fantasy is when a black man (the Bull) has sex with a white man’s significant other. Generally, it is a scripted situation in which a well-endowed, dark skinned male has hardcore sexual relations with the white guy’s woman in front of him. Nationality is not important as long as it fulfills the white man’s fantasy of not being able to compete with this “other” fellow who has over powered his lady with his massive sexual prowess. It is a fetish that taps into the insecurity of the “cuckolded” man on quite a few levels. One, his partner is being unfaithful. Two, not only is she being adulterous, a man with whom he could never compete is sexually fulfilling her. This, of course, simply builds on old stereotypes that stick in many white American folks’ psyches. To top everything off, she does it all in front of him, rubbing salt in the wound, so to speak.

These scenes can be set up impromptu by picking someone in a club who is game, though more usually it is orchestrated by the white male hiring a Bull For Hire to come and have sex in front of him. And yes, whether you are aware of it or not, there is quite a market for these fellows. Black Bull Cuckold scenes, as is the case with all sexual desires, only work in real life when EVERYONE involved is completely on board and comfortable with the fantasy.

I will not delve into the eavesdropping portion of your inquiry. Nor shall I ask who your hubby would be discussing this with over the phone. What I will do, is recommend you address those two pieces of your relationship before going any further.

Lust & Happiness,
Dr. Miro

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