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Boys and Girls Go Wild or Happy St. Patrick’s Day [Tall Glass of Shame]

Every year when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around I feel that same bit of Irish pride in my blood. The day is always swathed in green, with dancing leprechauns, four leaf clovers and of course the obligatory drunken Irishman stumbling about. You can’t seem to celebrate this occasion without a putrid green beer concoction present and some loud drunk guy telling you how messed up he once got on St. Patrick’s day.

Long gone are the days I would cut out construction paper pots o’ gold, and grow grass in a styrofoam cup so we could draw on the face of a leprechaun and bring it home as a gift for mom. This holiday was another in a string of fun greeting card holidays that as a kid always has fun decorations. All it really held for me were green clovers, lucky charms, and curious stories of leprechauns and Irish lore. Though, I do remember franticly hunting with my mother the morning of St. Paddy’s for whatever green clothing I might own. I was terrified of getting pinched at school if I wasn’t wearing SOMETHING green. When the day was drawing to a close, there was always the same disgusting meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage sitting at home in a big pot for dinner. That smell still gives me nightmares.
Nowadays this green holiday seems to be less cute and more a good-enough excuse for throngs of Americans to drink away a week night. The last few yea’s I’ve ventured out to celebrate, I’ve seen the typical drunk guy wearing a “Kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirt vomiting into the street. There always seems to be some version of the girl in a skimpy sparkly green dress with little bedazzled four leaf clovers on her heels being held up by some guy in a cheap plastic leprechaun hat, and a t-shirt reading “Got any Irish in ya?… Want some?”
Following so quickly on the heels of Mardi Gras it seems to pale in comparison when it comes to celebration. It starts to resemble a monochromatic night of amateur drinking contests. The soundscape of the night goes from brass bands and beads to a night of fiddles and badly faked irish accents. It may not be nearly as decadent, but damned if these revelers aren’t partying down like they have never partied before! Just take a look at some of the all-day parades/celebrations on the East coast, or the mess in the streets near any bar the morning after!
This week, let’s take a fun look at some crazy videos celebrating the wild and wooly world of St. Patrick’s Day and drinking!

Check out this creepy huge puppet in Ireland. I often hear stories about my great grandfather and other distant family members that resemble this puppet…

If you find yourself in Ireland and are drinking while driving, you may be subjected to the Irish DUI Test…

How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day from

And to soothe our souls and our hangovers, here is “Danny Boy” via The Muppets

Happy Drinking. Don’t Drink and drive! (Or Drink and comment — no actually you can do that. Might be fun…)