Buy Me This: Bamboo Electronics

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Buy Me This: Bamboo Electronics


a blogumn by CH

Bamboo is basically like white plastic in Japan, and you see it in most electronic shops. I love the way it looks, and according to this Engadget article, you are going to start seeing a lot more here in the States soon.



For more info about any of the items below just click on the photo



Bamboo USB PC Laptop Speakers


First off, how about some USB speakers for your computer?

These would look great on my desk at work.





500 GB Turbo USB 2.0 External Hard Drive (Grey/Bamboo)


This external hard drive is made of bamboo and recycled aluminum.

You can feel a little better about your e waste footprint.







Boston Acoustics SoundWare Single compact indoor/outdoor speaker Bamboo


This indoor outdoor speaker is another example of a

item that would look great in your yard or an your bookcase.








Bamboo Keyboard/mouse Combo 104KEY 3BTN Optical Mouse



This is the one item I actually plan on ordering for myself.

A USB mouse and keyboard. I want this bad. I just wish the keys were bamboo as well.







Vers hand crafted wood ipod speaker - Bamboo (2x102)



I just bought a new iPod dock, otherwise this would be the one.







ASUS U6V-V1-Bamboo 12.1-Inch Laptop


Last but not least is this top-of-the-line laptop.

I don’t know if I could turn this into a hackintosh, but I would love to try