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Buy Your Geek This: Half Off Obama

A blogumn by CH


With Obama in office I am seeing a lot of Obama merchandise all over town. Most of it is cheap knock offs that don’t help the Obama campaign at all. So that led me to look at the official Obama store, and to my surprise they are having a half off sale.

I see many things I would love. Below are my favs.

on00012-21. A Obama onesie. With Betty on the way we need her to show her Obama colors



More Obama stuff after the jump:

2. A new T-Shirt. There are still many to chose from but this one realy strikes my fancy.ts29337-2

3. I couldn’t make it to Denver, but with this bag I would be reminded of his nomination everytime I go grocery Shopping.


And finally I would love to go to work everyday and rock this lapel pin lp15882-2

If you buy from Obama’s site the money will go to getting more dems into office. So as they say in Chicago, buy early and buy often