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Buy Your Geek This: Harder-Better-Faster-Stronger Drive


A blogumn by CH

I think every real geek out there always needs one thing.  More hard drive space, like shoes you can always use one more gigabyte

We have a 1 terabyte external hard drive connected to our airport extreme router that acts as our home network drive. This holds all of our movies, music, photos, etc . And it also backs up all of our computers’ internal hard drives.

This is one of the easier set-ups that you could gift your man. In fact, if you don’t already have this and you consider yourself even a mildly nerdy couple, then you need to go out and get it today, in order to save your street cred. This level of geek can be taken care of at Best Buy.

However, if your partner is a true geek, what he really wants is a raid array set-up on his desk. This is basically the Viking Stove of hard drives: the fastest, sleekest, and safest way to store your info. You have a few choices for raid arrays, but I would get him this drobo:

I want this. I want it bad. Feel free to send me one of these anytime. You can buy it here. And don’t forget to buy the hard drives to go inside of your drobo. Links to that at the bottom of the Amazon page.

Simple Tech External Hard Drive

Simple Tech External Hard Drive

A raid array would solve all of your geek’s home data storage needs, but if he’s a traveling geek like me, he’ll need to take those gigabytes on the road. Currently I have a 110-gigabyte internal hard drive in my Mac. It is completely full, so now I carry a usb powered external drive (pictured).

This works fine and makes a great gift. But I’m now attached to another device – it’s like a small ball and chain. You can move, but you have to drag it around with you.

What I really want is a larger internal drive. If you or your guy is in the same boat, more on that after the jump:

Replacing my internal hard drive on a MacBook Pro is reaching the geek limit even for me. So if you don’t have the guts to pull out a screwdriver and bust open you laptop go here to

They will do the dirty work for you. But this does come at a large price both in dollars and your geek street cred.

So if you want to roll hard, go here for an internal drive.

Pick that bad boy up then follow this guide to clone your existing hard drive.

Then pray to the geek gods and follow this step-by-step guide.

Keep track of the screws for the love of God —  there are so many. Also pucker up when you pull that ribbon cable off.

After you get the computer back together (hopefully without a pile of leftover screws), you will either have the baddest Mac on the block or a very expensive paperweight and a great story.

I’m ordering the hard drive tomorrow I’ll let you know how the installation goes.