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Buy Your Geek This: “Special Cat Edition.”


A blogumn by CH

etc and I have 3 cats and cleaning the litter box is always something I dread. That is until recently when I went online to Amazon and bought this*:

This litterbox has changed my life.

It is so easy to use, and finally I don’t need to scoop kitty litter every day. You just roll it over, then roll it back, and all of the lose kitty litter falls through a screen and the used stuff is dropped into a removable drawer. I looked at a lot of more expensive self-cleaning litter boxes, but sometimes simple is better.

I love cat technology. The next thing I want to get for them is a water fountain. Our cats keep trying to drink out of the toilet. I think this will help to keep them drinking out of a bowl. Also they say that your cats can get dehydrated if they don’t have a access to fresh water and it’s natural for them to drink out of running water.

But my absolute favorite piece of cat tech is this.

I doubt it would work, but I wish I could teach my cats to use the actual toilet.

Last but not least, our cats are inside cats, but if your cat is an outdoor cat and you’ve always wondered where they go when they’re outside, check out this site.

You can now track where your cat has gone. I’m tempted to let the cats out just so I can use this. I love the idea of spying on them.

[Editor’s Note: BTW, according to the New York Times, “More Men Are Unabashedly Embracing Their Love Of Cats.” Read all about it here]

*Click on any of the above pics to find out more and/or buy.