Can You Cross a Cookie and Candy Corn? Oreo Thinks So! [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Sep28

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Can You Cross a Cookie and Candy Corn? Oreo Thinks So! [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

For loyal readers of my blogumn, there is one thing that you’ve come to know. I love when companies take classic products and try to put a new spin on them. When I heard that Oreo was coming out with a candy corn flavored cookie – you know I had to give it a try!

Since being introduced in 1912, Oreo cookies have earned the title of most popular selling cookie in the United States.  The recipe is simple, two chocolate cookies with a schmeer of vanilla icing in the middle. Pretty darn succulent!

The original cookie was born at the National Biscuit Company’s plant in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The artistic design for their “Oreo biscuit” was patented on March 14, 1912 to compete with a rival company, Hydrox cookies that launched a few years earlier. Oreo would become so successful, the block in front of their plant became known as “Oreo Way.”  Check it out on 9th Avenue between 15th & 16th Streets.

The National Biscuit Company would eventually be known by today’s name – Nabisco.

While only making minor changes to the main cookie over the decades, Nabisco has always sought to add different varieties to the line.

• Double Stuf Oreos – first sold in 1974 featuring two times the amount of crème filling.  Once sold in multiple flavors including cool mint, chocolate cream, peanut butter and original. Only original is still on sale today

• Football Oreos – shaped like a football, first sold in 1976 and I saw them on sale in Target last week

• Big Stuf Oreo – I was a huge fan of these huge cookies that were basically gigantic individually wrapped Oreos with a ton of icing. Sold from 87-91

• Mini Oreo – mini versions sold in the 90’s that made a comeback in the early 21st century

• Triple Double Oreo – one of the more wacky versions sold during the summer of 2011, featuring three cookies with a layer of chocolate cream and a layer of vanilla crème

• Triple Double Neapolitan Oreos – another crazy version of the above, except with three vanilla cookies, a layer of chocolate crème and a layer of strawberry crème

• 100 Calorie pack Oreo – tiny versions with only a little crème sold in 100 calorie packs. I’ve seen these in vending machines.

Nabisco has also tried a bunch of different flavors as well, with some being released exclusively overseas. Some of the more “out there” flavors include a lemon crème sold in the 1920’s, green tea Oreos sold in Japan, strawberry milkshake, blueberry ice cream and orange ice cream sold in Malaysia, Golden Oreos, Oreo DQ Blizzard Crème sold to celebrate Dairy Queen’s 25th anniversary, cool mint crème, peanut butter Oreo, berry burst ice cream Oreo, banana split Oreo and birthday cake Oreo.

In addition, the company manufactures the original Oreos with colored vanilla crème for different holidays.

But, with a menu like that they couldn’t possibly come up with anything new… right?

A package of limited edition Candy Corn Oreo cookies.

Just in time for Halloween 2012, Candy Corn Oreos have hit the stores! For the history on candy corn, see my old blogumn here.

Sold exclusively at Target stores, the new Candy Corn Oreos are only on sale for an extremely limited time. The package contains three rows of seven cookies, for 21 total per pack.  I paid $2.99 at my New Jersey Target store.

Top layer of cookie removed to show the orange and yellow creme filling.

The cookies feature two vanilla wafers, with orange and yellow crème smeared side by side inside.

The taste is not what I expected. There is only a small hint of a candy corn taste, mixed in with the normal vanilla crème. They are quite good, but I wouldn’t recommend dunking these in milk, like you would a regular chocolate Oreo.  While I wouldn’t buy these all the time (I love the regular Oreos too much), if they do make another appearance at Halloween in the future, I would be inclined to pick up a pack again.

Feeling that maybe I was missing the full candy corn flavor, I assembled a crack panel of co-workers and had them try it out. This purely unscientific, yet amusing, panel (who would tear it up taste testing for The Food Network) had mostly the same thoughts:

“I don’t taste the candy corn, but the sweetness is delectable.  I like these.” – Michael O., Yonkers, NY

“I love them a lot.  I actually like these better than candy corn.  Now, I have to get myself to Target!” – Lindsay B., White Plains, NY

“Tastes like a sugar cookie.  It’s good.” – Ryan D., Denver, CO

“I like it.  It tastes like white confetti cake mix!  It’s like licking the spoon.” – Danielle R., Dallas, TX

“It’s creamy.  It does taste like candy corn.  It’s creamier than regular Oreos.” – Tony V., Newark, NJ

“It smells more like candy corn than tastes like candy corn.” – Donna B., Stewart Manor, NY

“I’m not trying these, because I don’t like candy corn.” – Jen R., Boston, MA

So, adding my opinion to theirs, the test shows only a small hint of candy corn flavoring, while the vanilla of the crème and the cookie stands out.

A good idea would be to wrap several of these in a bag and give out to trick-or-treaters. It’s too bad they don’t sell these in individual packs for just that use.

The nutrition information is on par with a regular Oreo cookie:

Serving size: 2 cookies

Total fat: 7g

Total carbs: 21g

Sugars; 12g

It absolutely drives me nuts when companies list their nutrition facts in small serving sizes to make their product appear healthier. Seriously, who eats two freaking cookies? Not even a kid, Nabisco! And you’re not the only company that does this…

THE 411

Name: Candy Corn Oreos
What: candy corn flavored version of the classic Oreo cookie
Sold: exclusively in Target stores
Cost: $2.99
Number of cookies per bag: 21


Applause to Oreo for creating a new limited edition flavor that thinks outside the box and making it exclusive to Target.  Target is a great store and it’s cool that they got the rights to sell this.

I would love for Oreo to continue to experiment with limited edition flavors. Oreo is one of the greatest cookies and I still indulge on them as a regular treat.

I hope you get a chance to swing by Target and pick up a bag of these… but, you won’t need the milk.

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