The Shortest Job I’ve Ever Had [Dork Lifestyle]

Everyone has careers that were short lived. My comic is about the shortest job I have ever had – 5 hours total! Did you ever have a short lived work experience? I am not sure if It was the math that got me on this one, or the idea that in the short time i was there, I took 11 cookies home to celebrate with my family. Feature Image Credit: My Home...

Art Gallery Internship [Dork Lifestyle]

Last time Dork Lifestyle told about my first job. This time I talk about an internship I had one summer at a local art gallery. I sure learned a lot, ha ha.

First Job [Dork Lifestyle]

I’ve been thinking about my career path lately and realized that delivering papers was one of my favorite jobs. It was so easy. I could work, sing along to my cassette walkman and get exercise all at the same time. I delivered the news around the neighborhood for three years, it was the second longest job of my life. Do you remember your first job?