Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Closed After BBQ Sauce Tested Positive For HGH [Daily News Brief]

Hilton Head Island, SC – Friday
By Joshua Mauldin

Celebrity chef and Restaurant Impossible star Robert Irvine’s personal restaurant Eat! has been shut down indefinitely awaiting an investigation by the South Carolina Department of Public Health over questionable ingredients in a number of dishes.

“We found an alarmingly high level of human growth hormone in the barbeque sauce, salad dressings and all condiments except mustard,” announced Herman Newport, head of the investigation. “There were substantial amounts of Winstrol in the beef, chicken and veal.” Winstrol, an illegal equine steroid, has been linked to rapid muscle growth, manic irritability and increased culinary prowess.

Chef Irvine, speaking through his lawyer, released an official statement this morning denying the allegations. “These charges are baseless, insulting and I will crush the skull of whoever made them between my pecs, rip their head off at the neck and shit down the stump.”

Image Credit: Miami New Times