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Chic Geek: Finding Your Inner Stylist Pt 1: Shoes


A blogumn by Delia Hauser (one of the fiercest nerds we know)

I have always believed that shoes are the window to a person’s soul; or at the very least, the essence of their personality.  If this is even remotely true, why does it seem like so many people pick the most boring ones to go with their best outfits?  If you’re anything like me, and your book light is attached to a fashion magazine, you have probably observed that sometimes stylists are genius at pairing the perfect shoe with any look.  They rarely match the clothes, but they always look freaking amazing.

It’s not that hard to do!  Here is a guide to mismatching your shoes to your outfit:

1. Crazy, bauble-covered, multicolored shoes are all the rage these days but can be difficult to wear for the faint of heart.   If you see some in a store and you just can’t seem to put your Visa away, try wearing them first with a solid colored dress (no, the color doesn’t have to be in the shoe or anywhere else on your body).   When all else fails, a simple dress can become something wonderful with a wacky, sassy pair of shoes.

2. You just got a new, boldly printed dress.  Stop yourself before you try to find a pair of shoes that “match”.  It doesn’t matter.  Its not 1950 anymore.  Instead, ask yourself what color stands out most in the dress.  Is it the background color?  Is it the largest part of the print?  Once you have your answer, go across the color wheel and look for your shoe color there.  If it’s red, look at a bright green or teal shoe.  Orange?  Try sky blue.  Start there, and you’ll see chic outfits materialize in your closet.

3. Sometimes, a black or brown shoe is the answer.  However, when did you last shop for a new pair?  They come in some amazing shapes, sizes and styles these days.  Go bold, go sexy, go funky…or go home!

No matter what people say (including myself), there are no hard and fast rules to fashion, but we all get into a rut with our style.  Try something new, feed your inner stylist, and no one will question your look if you always wear your clothes with confidence.  Own it!


Delia Hauser is a costumer, designer, painter, baker, party thrower and all-round style maven.  Originally from North Carolina, she now lives in Los Angeles with her lovely boyfriend and three cats.  Check out her online store,