Chic Geek: Neat (But Cheap) New Year Nesting Jan14

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Chic Geek: Neat (But Cheap) New Year Nesting


a blogumn by Delia Hauser

dwallsAt the beginning of every year, I look around my home and get this itchy feeling to change something.  ANYTHING.   It probably has something to do with not being able to keep ACTUAL resolutions or perhaps it is from poring over Southern Living magazine as a child (those ladies redecorate their home EVERY SEASON).  Either way, it feels good to reevaluate my surroundings.  It forces me to look at things in my environment that I take for granted or even hate but for some reason never throw away.  I clean up, make goodwill runs, find fun new clothes to wear, switch things up around the house, buy some new art, etc.

But this year feels very different.  I mean, I have never completely redone my place, but I couldn’t afford it in 2009 even if I wanted to.  And this is killing me.  I hate being told (even by the silent “man”) that I can’t do something.   So, I challenged myself to find really great ways to spruce up a home with very little work and money.

Most style gurus would tell you to paint…but I know you can’t be bothered.  Or they might suggest that you cover your couch or do your own pillow covers, but I’m starting to see that very few people actually do that, even after reading the latest Martha Stewart magazine and even buying the fabric.   It has to be easier and it can’t be expensive.  So here we go:

1.    Go through EVERYTHING one room at time.   It is time to get rid of decoration from high school or college unless you absolutely love it.  Be realistic.  When you look at something, from a pillow to a vase, ask yourself, “does it really reflect my personality NOW?” and pare a room down to your favorite pieces. 
2.    Completely rearrange your furniture and put those pieces in new rooms.  Don’t be scared.  Just do it.  And clean everything as you go!
3.    You know those limp, squished, broken throw pillows on your couch?  Don’t chuck them, just buy a cover slightly smaller than the size and stuff them into it! They’ll look puffier and new instantly.  New textiles really do change a room. 
4.    Pick one or two small things that you would like for each room, write a list and go on a mission each weekend to find one cheaply (or just use my buying guide for some great ideas). Curtains for the bedroom, throw pillows for the couch, a new piece of art for the kitchen or a fruit bowl for the table. 
5.    And finally…EVERYTHING is art when it’s framed. I know you’ve read that so many times, but its true.  I’ve added some odd and wonderful vintage items to my finds as examples of great things to frame, but there are thousands more on  Just search for “ephemera” in the vintage section and get shopping!  If you don’t want to pay shipping for frames online, go to Michael’s or Target or the flea market!

No trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s or the fabric store.  It’s amazing what you already have in your home.  Just follow these steps and your surroundings will be completely new for the year!

dwallsa.    Time Passages frameable ephemeraclick link for price
b.    Marcy McChesney painting – $65
c.    Lewa’s Designs vinyl wall art – $60
d.    The Vintage Mode ephemera – $1.95
e.    Nea framed needlepoint – $65
f.    Sarah Takahashi silkscreen print – $25
g.    The Brilliant Magpie print– $5
h.    Yee-Haw Industries poster – $25
i.    Le Petit Poulailler frameable ephemeraclick link for price
j.    Sweetshorn Vintage wall art – $38
k.    Rachel Austin painting – $60
l.    Filth E Design block print – $20
m.  Yellow Mermaid print – $6
n.   Little Green Frog cloud with rain – $20
o.   Two Sarahs screenprint – $45
p.   Yee-Haw Industries letterpress print – $20
q.    Cutiepie Company gocco print– $15
r.    Time Passages frameable ephemera– $2.75
s.    Sarah Takahashi painting – $175
t.    Storyline frameable ephemera– $9.50
u.    Rebecca Rebouche’ drawing – $20

dobjectsa.    Fruit Salad Vintage bowl – $30
b.    Joo Joo incense burner – $30
c.    Skeletal Dropkick jar – $45
d.    La Pomme swan – $38.50
e.    Whimsical Bazaar scales – $33
f.    Cotton Bird Designs bird – $39
g.    Whimsical Bazaar scrap book – $16
h.    Peacock Envy shoe form – $16
i.    Sweetshorn Vintage bowling pinsclick link for price
j.    Janebox quail egg candle – $5
k.    Austin Modern lamp – $75
l.    Jess James Jake cheese board – $42
m.  Shop House mobile – $48
n.   La Pomme fruit – $32
o.   15 min. rabbit sculpture – $22
p.   Silocurb pencil holder – $15.50
q.   Modish Vintage pitcher – $60
r.   Something’s Hiding In Here house – $20
s.   Sweetshorn Vintage stainless and teak platter – $12
t.   Fabulous Mess Vintage salt and pepper shakers – $24
u.  Blue Valentine Press gnome art – $44

dtextilea.    Common Decency throw pillow – $20
b.    The Farmer’s Daughter quilt – $99
c.    Nesta Home throw pillow – $30
d.    Rachel’s Habit afghan – $73
e.    Animals In Yarn afghan – $30
f.    Karen Bucina Designs throw pillow – $25
g.    Unite By Stitches tea towel – $15
h.    Parker Sewn throw pillow – $35
i.    Linen Me bread napkin – $15
j.    Crochet Dad’s Creations afghan – $45
k.   Betsy Grace tea towels – $21
l.    Olive pillow – $25
m.  Reyart table topper – $85
n.   What Circa throw pillow sham – $9.99
o.    Stiksel tea towel – $17
p.    Nebulous Freak quilt – $70
q.    Stiksel throw pillow sham – $48
r.    Artgoodies tea towel – $15
s.    Linen Me bed set – $67.50

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