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Chic Geek: The Beauty of Geekery


a blogumn by Delia Hauser

geekblingThe other day, when I was researching my next article, I stumbled upon on a whole section of Etsy I stupidly haven’t even addressed yet.  How dare I leave out those sellers that proudly list their wares under the category “geekery”?!  Yes, that’s right; not JUST clothing, or jewelry, or gifts, or home décor, because it includes ALL of these things with a little nerdy spin.  I mean, isn’t that what this very site is all about?

We geeks are different these days.  Having a scientific mind, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or using an inhaler no longer defines the modern nerd.  You can be a very stylish nerd, or an art nerd, or even a football watching WWE nerd.  I recently met a lovely female nerd that has every sci-fi book and movie known to mankind AND she wears Prada.  Her shoe collection was a sight for my sore eyes and her DVD collection for my boyfriend’s.  You just never know, you know?

So, I explored this perfectly joyful section on Etsy for HOURS, and sifted through literally thousands of listings to find a little something for every kind of new millenium nerd.   Check them out or go to Etsy and peruse “geekery” a little while for yourself.  I’m sure that hundreds of wonderful things have been newly posted since I last looked.  Meanwhile, all sorts of Geek Bling and Nerdy Things after the jump.

a.    Majesty Inc. keychain fob – $6
b.    Couch Objects necklace – $20
c.    Happy Family robot bib – $5
d.    Slevin 11 buttons – $2.50
e.    KnitKnit crocheted electric cord – $
f.    The Mymble’s Daughter necklace – $
g.   Amy Jo’s Handmade electronics case – $5
h.   Zaunick cufflinks ( – $70
i.    Space Oddities button – $1.25
j.    Ikyoto t-shirt – $15
k.   Digibling necklace – $
l.    Always Amy necklace – $12
m. Happy Family totes – $25
n.  The Fakery Bakery 2 earrings – $7
o.  Melissa Abram hair pins – $
p.  Slevin 11 buttons – $12

a.    Digital Soaps – $
b.    Yummy Pancake plush toast – $
c.    Pixel Party flowers – $30
d.    Contexto notebook – $6
e.    Samski Art embroidery – $40
f.     Luck, Love and Hedgehogs Design crocheted sardines – $
g.    Kawaii-neh! plush sushi – $59
h.    Pink Felt Rage embroidery – $25
i.     LilyPang Art & Design laptop vinyl – $
j.     Visionary Savant sign -$14.99
k.    Jinx Murphy Designs desk ornament – $6
l.     Vortex cassette tape magnet – $8
m.   Imotime clock – $25
n.    Esta Sketch print – $52
o.    Fiftyacorns crocheted cactus – $15
p.    Bdbondy web cam – $35
q.    Tiffany Ard flash cards – $
r.    Same Old Stuff bumper sticker – $1


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