Country’s Oldest Creationist Museum To Close; Unable To Adapt To Competition [Daily News Brief]

Anderson, KY – 9:30am PST
By Joshua Mauldin

Genesisland, the oldest creationist museum in the United States will close its doors Friday for the first time since opening in 1953. Burt Winegaard, owner and operator for the past 30 years cites the popularity of God’s Plan, a brand new museum four miles east as the reason. “You have to be able to evol…err, change to be able to compete, we couldn’t do it.” God’s Plan is a five-story museum and theme park boasting a fully interactive Young-Earth experience. “They’ve got talking robotic brontosauruses to illustrate man’s relationship with dinosaurs, our mute, stationary ones are no match for that.”

This isn’t the first time Genesisland has been challenged by a competing museum. “Ten years ago when Bibletown opened up I thought we were finished. Back then we had basic illustrations, shirts, a few dolls, nothing as good as them. Fortunately for us, at the last minute we got an unexpected grant from a mega-church to upgrade our facilities.” With the assistance of that random investment, Winegaard was able to weather Bibletown‘s threat and ultimately put them out of business. “We were hoping for another lucky break, oh well. Everything happens for a reason, just wish I knew what that reason was.”

featured image credit: Kaptain Kobold