D’Angelo, Loki, Couture Stationary, “Not-So-Nice” Nice Guys, and bad HIGHLANDER Reboots All Prefer to Procrastinate on This!

Soooo much procrastination today, so let’s get right to it!

1. An interesting reminder that it’s not fun to get objectified — even if you’re a man. Apparently, this is part of the reason for D’Angelo’s decline — that along with substance abuse issues, which may have been sparked by being objectified, so…. From the latest GQ feature:

The shoot took six hours, and it changed D’s life. Trenier got his wish: Thanks to D’Angelo’s luscious physicality, albums started flying off the shelves. But the trouble began right away, at the start of the Voodoo tour in L.A. “It was a week of warm-up gigs at House of Blues just to kick off the tour, draw some attention, break in the band,” says Alan Leeds, D’s tour manager then and now. “And from the beginning, it’s ‘Take it off!’ “

D’Angelo felt tortured[…]by the pressure to give the audience what it wanted. Worried that he didn’t look as cut as he did in the video, he’d delay shows to do stomach crunches. He’d often give in, peeling off his shirt, but he resented being reduced to that. 


This picture of Loki (aka Tom Hiddleston) wearing Loki made my whole effing day. Click on the pic to buy a Loki tee of your own for $25 from We Fine Shop. via Fashionably Geek

2. Loved this “Ultimate Guide to Writing Better than You Normally Do.” Good advice for the published and aspiring-to-get-published alike. [McSweeney’s]

3. My mom was a big fan of Barbara Cartland novels. So imagine my delight to find out she was not only a record-setting romance novelist but also a high-flying daredevil who changed the course of aviation history. Yes, seriously. [i09]

4. W. Kamu Bell is hella funny. And he’s about to get his own comedy news show, produced by Chris Rock, on FX. Thanks to Lori Tharps for the introduction. [My American Meltingpot]

5. If anyone else is a stationary nerd like I am, you’ll want to check out this colorful-but-elegant Write Robison: Couture Stationary collection. Ooh-la-la! [AphroChic]

6. The only thing grosser than regular Uggs — wedding Uggs. Why, gods of fashion, why??? [Jezebel]

7. Oh, hey, wassup, Michonne! How you doing, baby? Might I say you’re looking particularly kick-ass and awesome today? [EW]

8. From an awesome “nice guy” take down on Buzzfeed: “The truth is, Nice Guys aren’t actually nice guys. They’re entitled jerks who think that if they’re nice to you, you’re obligated to spread. And if you don’t, you’re fodder for the Nice Guy’s extensive complaint box. (Actual guys who are also nice exist, and in large numbers – a good indicator that you’ve spotted one is that he never whines about how women aren’t lining up to bang him because he held a door open. And women date those actual nice guys!)”  The rest of the article is so well-worth reading. Thanks to the Anonymous Smithie for the tip! [The “Not-So-Nice” Nice of Online Dating]

9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Apparently they’re doing a HIGHLANDER reboot with Ryan “Box Office Poison” Reynolds. Why, gods of film, why???? How many movies are you going to let this guy ruin? Didn’t we suffer enough during the Dane Cook years? [The Mary Sue]

10. On a happier note, he trailer for the next P.T. Anderson movie, THE MASTER,  looks bat-shit insane brilliant and good. Check it out.