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Dating Ell-A: The Ex-Boyfriend Spark

I don’t know what it is, but the start of this New Year has made me want a few things.  First, I really want to bake.  Maybe it’s the cold weather, but cinnamon rolls have been on my mind lately.  Second, I really want to have sex.  Again, maybe it’s the cold weather, but I’m feeling the feeling.   More importantly, I’ve been feeling that I want to be “in it” with someone, and that feeling was intense last night when I hung out with my ex- boyfriend.

2011 is going to be a great year.  Already I’ve re-connected with friends from business school, discussed what was going on in their lives and decided that this year; I’m taking my time back.  No more working my ass off, no more late nights at the office.  If my career doesn’t go anywhere this year, I’m OK with that.  Instead, I’m going to be all about reconnecting with my friends and pouring time into relationships … which brings me back to my old boyfriend.

We didn’t work the first time because, well, let’s be honest, he is a bit of a mess. He can’t keep his house clean, he does not have good table manners and his dog gets hair everywhere.   However, I noticed some changes in him last night that are causing me take a second look.

One thing I noticed is a general fatigue that has shown up on his face.  I know that sounds rather unappealing, but for some strange reason, this look looks good on him.  Whatever it is has settled in around his mouth and eyes and is making him look like he is someone worth listening to and taking seriously.   My philosophy about this look is this (since I’ve noticed it in guys before) – I think when a guy is going for it in their life, there is a look of accomplishment that shows up in their face.  Maybe it only shows up when that person is successfully (or on the verge of successfully) chasing their dreams.  Whatever it is, it has settled into his face and he looks hot.

Maybe it was the old James Bond movie we were watching or the scruff on his face from not shaving for days, but I was ready to reconsider.

What is it about old boyfriends that make you want to start it up again?  In the heat of the summer, is he going to look as good to me as he does right now?  Is this a passing whim or is that feeling something worth listening to?

After finishing up our bottle of wine and ending our late night discussion, I kissed him good night and drove away.

I’m still considering whether or not to start something up, but if I do, I want it to be the relationship that has staying power.  No more semi-commitment, wondering if he’s the one or not.  If I start this thing up, I’m going for it.

Here’s to a new year!

featured image photo credit: pimpexposure