Dear Thursday: Another Huge 32 Candles Announcement

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Way short edition of Fierce and Nerdy today, b/c it’s the end of August, and a ton of our bloggers are on vacation, recovering from vacation, moving, gearing up for the Fall, etc, etc. So bear with us, b/c we’ll be right as rain in September.

Speaking of Fall, I’ve been thinking of doing something a little new with my hair. Maybe braiding it at the side for a fauxish mohawk and I’ve also been thinking of putting some funky colors in it. I think I might be going through a bit of a hair crisis actually–

What’s that you say? You don’t care about my hair? Get to the frickin’ announcement already? Oh well, if you insist — though I had about two more paragraphs worth of hair stuff that I could have discussed. Maybe some other day.


Today I’ll just say that Miramax optioned the rights to 32 Candles. Here’s the Publisher’s Marketplace announcement:

Ernessa T. Carter’s 32 CANDLES, […] to Miramax Films, in a nice
deal, by Steve Fisher at APA on behalf of the Sarah Jane Freymann
Literary Agency.

And go here to see the “Miramax hot for 32 Candles” announcement that’s running in Variety right now. It should be noted that we’ve asked them to make a correction about the last bit. Of course, “Molly Ringwald Ending” is not the name of this novel or any novel that I intend to write in the future.

But other than that, I’m all sorts of thrilled about the deal and keeping my fingers crossed that the big-screen version actually does get made. Oh, and if you’re new to the blog go here for the novel’s back story.

Meanwhile, I’ve received suggested edits from the publisher and there’s one big change, so we’re pulling down the first three chapters. But once we get the novel’s cover art sussed out, we’ll be relaunching a whole new page for 32 CANDLES that will totally make up for the bare bones “lit n’ nerdy” page that we have up now. Til then…

Super Duper Best,