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Dear Thursday: Apocalypse Prep

So as you may or may not have noticed, I mention potentially apocalyptic events. A lot. This is for two reasons, really.

1) I’m rather hyperbolic, and you don’t get much more extreme than apocalypses. Plus

2) I’m an underachieving survivalist.

Now, Reason #2 weighs more heavily on my mind than Reason #1, because I’m always wondering if I’m not a good enough survivalist. For example we only have two weeks worth of food and water stockpiled. Should we have more? I think we’re fine with 1 crank-powered radio, but are 2 crankable flashlights enough? Also, we don’t have survival backpacks, just in case we have to hit the road — you know if we’re trying to outrun a biological attack or nuclear fallout or a Godzilla/Cloverfield-like monster. And though I’m a pacifist, I’ve been considering learning to shoot, just in case we have to hunt for food or defend our homestead from drifters. Also, is it wise to save for our retirement when we’re not putting money aside for a wilderness cabin far from the beaten path, just in case we have to hide from hungry urban mobs or body-snatching aliens?

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I wasn’t always like this. I confess that this is a direct byproduct of being happy and perhaps watching too many movies — but more being happy. It makes me uneasy. And I feel deeply that I should be try to prepare for anything. Like after I read this NYT article on a suburban survivalist who Gawker had classified as crazy, I myself didn’t think she was insane. I thought the Gawker writers didn’t take preparedness seriously enough. And I also felt that I wasn’t doing enough to ensure my family’s own survival in a worse case scenario. Then I vowed to buy her book, Just in Case: How to Be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens, and try to implement a few of her ideas, including growing fruits and vegetables for canning and getting a grain grinder.

This survival preparedness inclination has only gotten worse now that it’s combined with the nesting instinct of an expectant mother. Now I’m thinking things like I need to schedule shooting lessons fairly soon and I should buy that book before my third trimester when it gets too uncomfortable to shop for survivalist items and haul them out to the garage.

So, I guess my question is do any of you feel this way? And if so, what are you doing or what do you think you should be doing to prepare for the worse?


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