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Dear Thursday: Are You Cut Out For Star Fleet Or Life On The Tardis?

Lego Uhura by Ochre Jelly
Lego Uhura by Ochre Jelly

Being a sci-fi geek, every so once in awhile I have to ponder the big, important questions in life. Questions like, “If Dr. Who asked me to be his assistant, would I go with him?” and “Would I ever join Star Fleet?”

If I weren’t married w/ a kid on the way, I would definitely join Dr. Who for his space adventures — especially if I knew how rarely assistants die under his tenure.

However, Star Fleet is a whole nother story. It seems rather dangerous and though I would love to explore space and all that, but how about if I was issued a red uniform? I want to go where no man has ever gone before, but I don’t want to die.

Sadly, I just don’t think I’m cut out for serious adventure.

So Dr. Who yes (under the right circumstances). Star Fleet no.

But how about you? Are you like me in preferring to watch your action adventure as opposed to actually living it? Or would you jump at the chance to go on a space odyssey?