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Dear Thursday: Hotel TV

Photo Credit: Collonade Boston

Photo Credit: Collonade Boston

Can I just say that I love hotel rooms? I love staying in them. I love writing in them. I love sequestering myself in them. I love finally leaving for a few hours so that the maid can get in and then coming back to a clean, fresh room. I can’t state this emphatically enough: I love, love, love hotel rooms.

Well, except for one thing…

The TV. Yes, DVR has pretty much ruined me for hotel televison. The OnDemand Movies are too expensive. Actually having to dedicate a full hour to a TV drama seems beyond my short attention span’s capabilities. So that’s why I almost always watch reality television when I’m staying in a hotel room.

Yesterday it was two episodes in the Top Chef Masters Marathon. Today, well, we’ll see…

But what about you guys? Do you also love hotel rooms? And if so, do you also change up your TV viewing habits when you’re away from home? Let us know in the comments.