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Dear Thursday: How Long Does It Take Valium To Wear Off?

By the time you read this, I will be at the fertility treatment center, getting fertilized with 2 or 3 eggs — shockingly we still haven’t decided yet. I feel like one of those swing state independents that still hasn’t made up their mind about voting for McCain or Obama. Do we know any of these people in real life, by the way? I have a feeling that the media’s just making them up.

Anyway, I’ve been given exactly one valium to take before the procedure. So either I won’t be online very much today, or I will be and my comments might not make a lot of sense. Apologies ahead of time, either way.

Seriously, how long does it take valium to wear off? I’d really like to know, just so I can plot out the rest of my day. Though I doubt it would really effect my plans to lay on the couch, watching Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, and Skins until CH comes home from work.

Anyway, enjoy the many great blog posts that we have for you today. And wish me luck.