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Dear Thursday: I’m Just Not That Into HJNTIY

hejustnotthatintoyouSo you would think a movie like the upcoming He’s Just Not That Into You would be just right for me.

Book I’ve read: Check

Romantic Comedy: Check

Stars I love: Drew Barrymore РCheck, Jennifer Connelly  РCheck, Ginnifer Goodwin РCheck, Scarlett Johannsson РCheck, The Mac Guy РCheck

Ensemble Film: Check — who watches Love Actually every Christmas? I do!

But then I actually saw the trailer. And the only minorities that showed up were two sassy gay guys that attend to work with Drew Barrymore’s character.

Really, Hollywood? 9 leads and you couldn’t find room for even one minority? Really?

Sigh. I actually really wanted to see this, but money talks, so I can’t in good conscious give mine to a movie that for whatever reason decided to completely white-wash their cast in this day and age. Way to disappoint (yet again), Hollywood.