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Dear Thursday: Is Heroes Back From the Dead? [Spoiler Alert]

Seriously, don’t read this if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode of Heroes yet. That all said…

nyeheroes-animationAs you might remember Heroes got the most votes from FaN bloggers in our Worst TV of 2008 round-up. And this wasn’t just because it had gotten really bad in its second and third seasons, but more because so many of us wanted it to be good and it just wasn’t for like a really long time. It was like we were all in a bad relationship with a guy that used to be really awesome, and we didn’t want to leave him because of a rough patch, but man, was he ever going to return to being that awesome guy that we fell in love with in the first place?

The reasons for our Heroes disaffection were simple: The stories were getting too scattered, too many new heroes had been introduced — many of them annoying; nobody ever dies for real, so there weren’t any real stakes; and the villain wasn’t bad enough. Seriously, I’m sensitive to mental illness, but I’m so sick of headcase Sylar with all of his daddy and power issues, I could spit.

But then Heroes came out of the holiday hiatus with it’s 4th installment, and suddenly it was good again. Masi Oka lost his powers and his sidekick, Ando gained a power — what a great twist! Sylar was still headcasing around the States, but most of the other heroes that I had found annoying have disappeared during this installment. There were not one but TWO surprise deaths in Monday’s episode. And hello Secret Government Agency, the new villain is very bad and rather scary. Who knew that the tried and true mutant genocide plotline could be used to such great effect on this relatively new show. That’s why it’s an oldie but a goodie.

Last but not least, last night’s episode saw the introduction of two Heroes that I actually find intriguing: Matt Parkman’s baby son, also named Matt Parkman. He can turn electrical things on and off with just a touch of his hand. And the other new hero is Rebel. On Monday we found out that he’s actually fan favorite, Micah. Man, how much did I miss Micah? He’s probably my favorite kid on TV right now.

So does this mean that Heroes has turned a corner? Well, they still write romance for shit. It’s like they can’t figure out how to weave in a love story without stopping the plot line cold for a ton of cardboard and cheesy lines. Also, Sylar either needs to die or to be given a plot line that doesn’t suck. But other than that, I can honestly say that I haven’t been grumbling nearly as much as I used to — especially during episodes that don’t include Sylar.

But we’ll revisit this topic after the season finale.