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Dear Thursday: New TV So Far

So I thought now would be a good time to talk about TV So Far this season. First up the new shows:

glee-glee-6628138-1280-1024Glee: This show started off great, but seems to be losing steam. The story lines are tepid, and IMO need an injection of the big drama that Ryan Murphy’s other show, Nip/Tuck is known for.

Also, there’s a lot riding on the supposed fact that Rachel (whose nose I love, btw) is the best singer in glee club and even though she quits every other episode they need to keep on getting her back b/c glee just isn’t the same w/o Rachel. But, um, Mercedes has a way better, I mean Aretha-Franklin-level voice. I’m not understanding why she isn’t getting more solos. Is it b/c she’s big, black, and therefore (by Hollywood standards) not beautiful? Hmm. I’m trying not to stop watching this show, but if the writers really think it’s okay to give the black character one measly storyline and the Asian-American character none, I might have abandon it mid-season. I’m getting a little too old to take on new shows that do nothing with their characters of color.

Plus Jane Lynch, the best thing about this show, only had one scene in last night’s episode and that’s just criminal.

Modern-Family-001Modern Family: I DVRed this b/c it looked sorta funny, and it turned out to be hella funny. The best gay couple I have ever seen on television, non-cliche breeders, plus Al Bundy. I’m also in love with the chubby Latino kid. However, Gabby’s kids on Desperate Housewives are also chubby, so I’m a little concerned that ABC is trying to jump off a new kind of Latino typecast. Anyway, I highly recommend this show. Totally worth a watch.

key_art_flash-forwardFlashForward: Well, it’s no Lost (even though it desperately, desperately wants to be), but it’s a great concept, and Lost isn’t on right now, so I’m reserving judgment.

Also, they’ve still got to introduce the Gabrielle Union-John Cho interracial couple, which is pretty much the only reason I’m giving Lost-lite a chance.

themiddleThe Middle: I only caught the last five minutes, but I’m fairly sure “Malcolm in the Middle” could file an idea theft suit against them and win fairly easy. Patricia Heaton still has the funny, though. And I hope that The Janitor from “Scrubs” playing her husband means that they won’t actually bring back “Scrubs” as previously threatened.

Okay, that’s it for me so far. I abhor the new Leno, which isn’t surprising since I despised the old Leno. And I didn’t even bother to catch Mercy or Hank. I caught the first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries, but barely made it out of there alive as I was near about bored to death by their uninspired storylines.

But maybe I’m missing something that I would have loved. Let me know if that’s the case and what you think of Fall’s new TV crop in the comments.