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Dear Thursday: Nice Girls Finish Last

artarchiearchiecomicsSo it looks like Archie finally chose between Betty and Veronica, and the winner of his (not-sure-why-it’s-desirable) hand in marriage: Veronica!

I’m sure a lot of good-girl-next-door-types are crying into their good girl non-alcoholic drinks over this, but I for one think Archie made the right choice.

As someone who has always walked the line between good-girl/bad-girl, I have to say that bad girls are often more interesting. So someone’s nice. What’s so great about being nice all of time? Interesting beats nice in 9 out of 10 taste test, in my opin. That’s why I tend to always be on the side of bad.

I always felt sad for Skeletor when he couldn’t trump He-Man.

I way more prefer Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Aniston, who comes off as nice-but-vapid to me.

And I love that when I die, most of my friends and loved ones probably won’t sit around talking about how nice I am.

I guess my problem with people who are agressively nice is that it renders them boring in many aspects. I mean if you’re too nice to argue or disagree or do anything that might offend, who are you really, except … nice. Seriously, what’s so great about nice?

Wasn’t it Tolstoy who said “All nice girls resemble one another, each bad girl is bad in her own way” … or something like that.

But maybe you disagree? Who do you think Archie should have chosen? Betty or Veronica? Meanwhile the Archie marriage issue will hit comic book stores this August, so mark your calendars.