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Dear Thursday: Summer TV

So summer is officially here — at least in TV Land, and I’m facing the same dilemma I face every summer: What to watch, what to watch?

This is especially important this summer as I’ll be particularly housebound with a newborn. Sadly many of my past summer regulars are unavailable to me: Damages already bowed. And Weeds, trueblood_posterEntourage, and other premium-channel fare has been sacrificed to budget cuts in the ETCH household.

So the new plan is a bit of a triage.

Netflix TV Series: Right now we’re watching the first season of True Blood. Next up the second season of Burn Notice., and then the third season of Eureka. After that… we don’t know yet. But if you have any suggestions for awesome TV on DVD watching, please let me know.

royal_pains_posterNew TV: Since many of my past summer favorites are unavailable to me this year, I’ve decided to give a bunch of new series a chance. So far I’ve decided that Fox’s House-lite series, Mental, completely sucks. But I’m excited to pass judgement on Royal Pains (a medical Robin Hood show, premiering June 4 on USA),  Jada Pinkett Smith’s no-nonsense head nurse series, Hawthorne (TNT, June 14), and the new sci-fi Bones rip-off, Warehouse 13 (SyFi, July 7th)

projectrunwayewGive Old TV a chance: Despite a less-than-stellar season last go-around and a horribly long, legally-induced hiatus, I’m giving Project Runway another chance. Hopefully Heidi and crew won’t disappoint. Also, after years of hearing other people go on and on about So You Think You Can Dance, I gave it a chance and was surprised to find it rather engaging and completely welcome — especially during summer drought.

But what about you guys? How do you plan to get through the summer TV drought. Let us know in the comments.