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Dear Thursday: The Best of Summer (So Far)

This blog post by Clark Perry from clarkblog inspired to throw up my best of summer entertainment choices so far.

Best Commercial Movie: Definitely Star Trek. What a lovely surprise, and thanks to Fringe and Lost, JJ Abrams is quickly becoming one of my favorite nerds in the industry. But as far as the Best Indie Movie I’ve seen this summer, I would have to suggest Moon. Great, original storyline, and soooo atmospheric. Also, much like March of the Penquins, it’s a summer movie that makes you feel colder just by watching it, so if it’s scorching where you are, definitely check this oneĀ  out. Click on the pic for the trailer.


Best Album: I haven’t had a chance to explore as much new music as I’ve wanted to this summer. But I’m especially grateful to NPR for introducing me to Bat for Lashes the morning before I went into the hospital to have Betty induced. This wildly imaginative album kept me in good company during the contractions and turned out to be great writing music while I blogged. Click on the pic for a video.


See my Best TV and Best DVD summer picks after the jump:

Best TV: I’ve been watching A LOT of TV, so it’s hard to choose. I agree with Clark that Torchwood was hands down the best series of the summer, but at a mere 5 episodes, it was so short. Don’t hate but I think my favorite new summer discovery is “So You Think You Can Dance.” Yes, it’s cheesy, but as many visitors as we’ve had, I value it for being entertainment that everyone could agree on. And BT-dubs, I totally call Brandon to win it tonight, though I’m not so far gone that I actually voted, so I won’t complain if it’s somebody else — okay, well I’ll only complain a little.


Best DVD: Again I agree with Clark that True Blood has been my favorite DVD of the summer so far. But I also want to thank BabySmiling for suggesting the British mini-series State of Play. And CH and I are currently enjoying the second season of Burn Notice on DVD, despite the many spoilers that we’re getting from ads touting Burn Notice‘s third season, which is currently running on USA.


But what are your picks for the Best Movie, Album, TV, and DVD of summer so far? Let us know in the comments.