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Dear Thursday: Your Best Summer Fling

God, I’m glad that summer is over. The TV situation is usually bad during this time, but this summer it seemed particularly bad with no real seasons of Torchwood or Dr. Who to distract me. However, as always, there were a couple of summer gems. I’ve already talked about how I finally jumped on the So You Think You Can Dance bandwagon and how much I enjoyed Top Chef Masters. But I remain a scripted television devotee, so let’s stick with fiction for this post.

royal_pains_posterROYAL PAINS: I loved the show’s intriguing, if highly unbelieveable concept — a doctor’s heart of gold gets him in trouble with the NYC richies, so he inadvertently lands in the Hamptons to serve those richies at a premimum with his horndog-accountant brother as the CEO of his practice, and a super-hot Indian Physician’s Assistant. Light but engaging, this was the perfect summer fling. I like that this show doesn’t revolve around one quirky character like House and Psyche. I also love that the super-hot chyck has dimensions and not only an interesting, but also a complex screen-life. And of course, it helps that Howard Leder from “Belly of the Whale is part of their below-the-line staff, so obvs they have great taste in editors. I just hope they don’t eff it up by moving it to Fall or Spring. I hate that so many of the shows that become popular during the summer abandon us for the Fall and Spring and clog up my DVR when I have plenty of other stuff to watch.

bbc_beinghumanBEING HUMAN: So a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost rent a flat together and … try to fit in. Talk about great concepts, Being Human has sci-fi, fantasy, laughs, and it’s on the BBC. In other words, it might as well have been custom-made for me. Oh, and it’s well-crafted. Oh, and it’s well-acted. Oh, and the werewolf screams like a girl whenever he gets scared. Remember that guy you fell for really intensely¬† during summer break from college, but then you had to go back to school. This is him. Definitely worth picking up on DVD if you missed it.

Other shows that I think should move or move back to summer: Damages, Skins, and Nip/Tuck

New shows that I’m looking forward to this Fall: Community, Glee [seriously, I can’t effin’ wait], and Parenthood.

But how about you? Sound off in the comments!