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DIY Nerd: iPhone Winter Glove

T.E. here with my long-awaited DIY Nerd blogumn, in which I, perhaps the least-craftiest person in the entire world, attempt craft projects put forth by one of the most craftiest people in the world, Delia Hauser from MARTHA STALWART.

You can listen to our conversation about the hijinks that ensued while attempting this project below. And you can get my step-by-step process in photos below. Tho, if you want to make an iPhone glove of your own, I suggest you go to the original post on MARTHA STALWART and follow those instructions. Things will probably go better for you that way.

First I gathered all of the ingredients to make an iPhone glove: leather gloves, velcro, E600 craft glue, and scissors. I added my travel sewing kit, for reasons that will become apparent later.

So the next step was to put on a glove and stick a pin where the first joint of my index finger bends. Not being a crafty person, I didn’t have any pins lying around, so I used the needle in the travel sewing kit that I got from IKEA … I think. It should be noted that I have abnormally large hands. Finding a pair of leather gloves that fit at Target took a while.

Next I was supposed to make and incision through two layers without cutting the seams. I ended up having to cut through three, b/c my gloves had Thinsulate inside. Thinsulate, it should noted, is a pesky bitch to cut through. I ended up having to use the sewing kit scissors on it, too.

Next I needed a piece of scrap leather. I don’t have scrap leather lying around, and the one fabric store I went to for my velcro didn’t have any either, so I did the logical (read lazy) thing, and cut a piece of leather from the inside of my glove — which hindsight being 20/20 probably detracts from the snazziness of having a winter iPhone glove. Oh, well.

Next up, the hardest part. The velcro. First I had to put glue on the tip of the sueded side of the scrap leather and then apply the “male side” of the velcro. I have no idea how to distinguish between male and female sides. Luckily, Delia had pictures. Then I cut the extra velcro off. Cut a piece of the attaching velcro in the same shape and glued it underneath the slit in my glove.

Delia said to wait until it dries, before putting glue on the non-velcro-convered leather side of the extra piece of leather piece and inserting the extra leather piece, but I’m impatient. So I shoved it in. Gave it ten minutes to see if it was dry. Found out the hard way it wasn’t. Applied more. glue. Did the exact same thing ten minutes later. Applied more glue, then went a way and watched an hour-long TV show, picking glue off my index finger while I did so. It was sort of relaxing.

And when I came back, voila! I had an iPhone glove. Perfect for checking your email or answering you phone on cold winter days. Here’s Delia’s and my iPhone gloves side by side. You can barely tell which one of us is a born crafter, right?

Next up: Watch out nerdy dry hands. I’m whipping up a homemade batch of Winter Balm.