Do Thin Condoms Break Easier? [Ask Dr. Miro: What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class]

Dear Dr. Miro:

My man has a hard time staying, well, hard with regular condoms and likes using the thinner ones but I’m worried they won’t be as strong and maybe break on us? Is this true? I’ve had condoms break in the past and it was TERRIBLE!


Helpless For His Hard On



Regardless of how thin a condom may be, it must pass the same rigorous tests as all of the other ones set down by the U.S. Food And Drug Administration. The ultra-thin condoms may be easier to tear with jewelry or raggedy nails so watch out for that but as far as the usual (or unusual) thrusts and explosions, the thinner prophylactics will be as effective as their thicker colleagues.

In fact, there are such high standards for testing the strength, packaging integrity, leakiness, stretch capabilities and quality of lubricant, it is incredibly rare condom breakage is due to manufacturers, no matter where they are made – it is almost always user error.

Here are some ways to avoid being one of the “user error” statistics:

– Use before expiration. That date is NOT arbitrary and is there for a reason.

– Use a properly fitted condom. Yes, there are different sizes – try a few out in different brands and sizes to see what fits!

– Do not use condoms that have been exposed to extreme temperatures or have been in direct sunlight. Keep them off your windowsill and out of the laundry.

– Do NOT reuse. This is not the time to be green.

– The package should be sealed with no holes. You can find out by feeling for an air pocket. If it is, proceed. If it is not – get another condom.

– Stick with water or silicon based lubricants (as opposed to oil based) to maintain the integrity of both the condom and you. If you see a lube next to where food is displayed, you cannot use that with condoms.

– Use a lot of lubricant that is specifically made to be used with condoms – especially with anal sex. The less friction, the less likelihood of it breaking. Plus, it just feels better!

Lust & Happiness,

Dr. Miro

Image Credit: The Real Issue