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File This Under: Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed?

bossI would like to believe this Economist article only applys to Britain, but from what I’ve seen, it might apply here, too.

According to a British study, mean men make more money, even if they’re neurotic, and mean, unneurotic women make more money than their agreeable counterparts. Apparently being agreeable is the kiss of death, but the ability to adapt to new situations is highly valued. Also, being extroverted has no effect whatsoever on your career.

Working in Hollywood, I’m always a little surprised by how many A-List stars are bad radio interviews. And of course I (contractually) can’t name names, but I’ve noticed a trend of people getting to the top of the chart who are either a) boring, b) a little mean or c) hard to land interviews with (ergo not very agreeable). Seriously, only two or three of 2008 #1’s didn’t fall into that category. I’ve also noticed that C-list and less talented A-Listers tend to be way more extroverted.

Now the good news for shy and somewhat harsh people like myself is that you don’t have to worry about people liking you to get ahead. However, it saddens me that good qualities aren’t monetarily rewarded and that you often can’t be the same nice person that you are in real life at work.

So the next time you’re left wondering why your boss is a dick, now you know. Read the sad but unsurprising article here.

. photo credit: Trois TĂȘtes (TT)