Dreamers, Kick-Assers, and Zafty Bookwrights “Like” to Procrastinate on This!

Whatta week! I’ve been cleared for exercise and I’m doing a No Sugar Detox until April, so I’ve been ping-ponging between lots of energy and focus and … well, something akin to non-specific rage. Basically, it’s like going through withdrawal, but meanwhile I’m kicking ass on my ToDo list. But enough about me, lets crack open this week’s batch of nerdy procrastination!

And just in case you're feeling a little overwhelmed with mom duty like I am, here are "10 Way to be Mindful with Your Children."

And just in case you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with mom duty like I am, here are “10 Way to be Mindful with Your Children.”

1. Why am I, the queen of all gummy bear addicts, ditching sugar all of sudden? Well, last week my sister introduced me to, HUNGRY FOR CHANGE, a fascinating documentary about the way we eat and diet, and it really inspired me to a) never ever go on another diet-diet, and b) ditch the sugar. I’ve been eating as much as I want of good foods all week and I mostly feel awesome save for the sugar withdrawal symptoms. If you don’t have Netflix streaming, click through to watch HUNGRY FOR CHANGE for free on your computer. But hop on it soon, the film will only be available until the end of March. [HUNGRY FOR CHANGE Screening Event]

2. Since this is from THE ONION, this advice is probably meant to be a joke, but unfortunately, this is how many of us pursue our dreams in real life. Read it and laugh…or groan. ["Find The Thing You're Most Passionate About, Then Do It On Nights And Weekends For The Rest Of Your Life"]

3. As a “zafty” “bookwright” and “spermologer,” I’m wondering why these wonderful “Englishable” words fell out of favor. And I’m determined to bring back “Wonder-wench,” which is so much more clever than it’s boring counterpart, “sweetheart.” [Jezebel, "Are you a Spermologer? Find Out With 18 Obsolete Words That Never Should Have Gone Out of Style]

4. Find out what your Facebook Likes say about you. Apparently I’m Liberal and Artistic, Well-Organized, Shy and Reserved, Warm Trusting and Cooperative, Calm and Relaxed … might quibble with “well-organized,” tho –especially these days. But click through and let me now what your Facebook Likes say about you. [You Are What You Like]

5. ….and it looks like KICK-ASS 2 is a thing that’s happening. Meh, I guess I’ll go see it.