Ernessa T. Carter Likes to Procrastinate on This!

Heyo! I’m back! I’m back! And so very happy to be so. Reading nerdy tidbits just ain’t the same without you, dearest readers, and numerical aggregation. Also, I’m back just in time for Woman’s History Month, so a whole lot of fun is about to be had — if you’re a nerd who appreciates women, which I’m sure all of us are. But enough small talk, let’s get to the good stuff!

Click on the pic to find out how to DIY your own constellation scarf via Kate from the "A Beautiful Mess" blog

1. Man, I miss driving our electric car. I had to do an exchange with my husband and now he drives the Chevy Volt while I’m stuck in the much more twins + toddler friendly, Ford Flex. I really can’t wait until they come up with an electric 7-passenger vehicle — or even better — one that drives itself. So this Slate op-ed in favor of electric cars that drive themselves is right up my alley. And yes, I’m obsessed with the subject of self-propelled cars, and will probably find a way to bring it up at least every other month until I get one of my very own. ["A Computer Will Drive the Electric Car of the Future"]

2. The story of why men stopped wearing high heels — basically, they were practical at first for riding a horse into battle and the like, but then they became impractical. But do read the entire story as it’s fascinating. [Jezebel]

3. All artists — especially writers and non-trained actors– should download this body language cheat sheet by psychologist, Carolyn Kaufman, like yesterday. Very useful. [h/t GalleyCat]

4. My remaining twin tummy pooch is out of control, and I need all the shopping tips (and pooch-hiding clothes)I can get until I’m cleared for exercise and can attack it properly. So I really enjoyed these “28 shopping tips for taking your wardrobe to the next level. [xoJane]

5. I can’t stop thinking about these suggestions for “Eight Women-Lead Historical Series That Would Totally Work.” I’d especially love to see one that revolves around Chinese warrior woman, Fu Hao — what a badass! From The Mary Sue:

Fu Hao, of China’s Shang Dynasty, was not the only woman warrior of the ancient world. But she was possibly the highest ranking one in the context of a formal military. While she first attained prominence as one of King Wu Ding’s wives, she parlayed that position into becoming her country’s foremost military commander of the day.

Her tomb, which was excavated in 1976, gave a clear picture of her standing, not just as a royal figure but as a warrior. Her grave goods, among much more, included 130 weapons, 20 bone arrowheads and four bronze tigers or tiger heads.

She also reigned over her own fiefdom on the borders of her husband’s empire, which would provide opportunities for the show to be not just about war but politics as well. Like the story of Nefertiti (who was probably alive less than 100 years before Fu was born), a ton of unknown details would have to be filled in, but the backdrop of China’s Bronze Age would be a novel place for an epic TV series to go.

Definitely click through to read the rest of the suggestion for Women-Lead series, including Nefertiti and the Mayan royal, Lady Ik’ Skull. [The Mary Sue]

6. Forget the ridiculous EXPENDABLES series, I’m going to watch the heck out of RED 2 — a much funnier “senior citizens with guns” vehicle with much better plastic surgery and dye jobs. Plus, John Malkovich. Yay!