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Facebook Poll Finds People Who Share Multiple Memes Back-To-Back Are Awesome And Everyone Loves You [Daily News Brief]

Menlo Park, CA – Wednesday
By Joshua Mauldin

An internal approval poll conducted by Facebook rates people who repeatedly dump frivolous memes the highest among all users.

“Our users can’t get enough back-to-back posts of partisan political quips, grumpy cat being grumpy, an exasperated Captain Picard or social commentary from that elderly Dos Equis gentleman,” said a Facebook official. “The more the better.”

Supporting the results, one user commented, “I may find a meme’s political views ignorant and offensive but how can I be mad when there’s ten of them in a row? At that point, you just have to admire the tenacity of a poster’s willingness to educate.”

NOTE: The author of this brief understands that, in response to this article, he will be receiving an endless stream of memes. He wants to thank you in advance for posting them directly to his timeline.