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FaN Boos: Worse TV Of 2008

The episode in which we find out that a bunch of FaN bloggers now hate Heroes, and that we don’t particularly like reality shows with “America” in the title.

Fringe.  I want to hurt the writers.  I have never laughed so many times at horribly cheesy lines as I have watching that show…well….maybe Lost 3rd season would be a close second. Whoever sold “its sort of X-Files meets Law and Order” should be put away.  — Delia from “Chic Geek”

Fringe.  Just bring back Scully and Mulder.  Don’t give us this attempted X-Files hooha. — Redheaded Stepchild

nyeheroes-animationHeroes. What happened Heroes? I think they nuked the fridge when Sylar came back in like the first episode of the second season. If I learned one thing from comic books it’s rotate the damn villain. Also who did Masi Oka piss of so badly that they decided to turn his character into one of the Three Stooges? How many times can he be hit in the head and knocked out? You could at least slip a mickey into his drink just to mix it up. CH from “Buy Your Geek This”

Heroes. Did I hallucinate Season One of this superhero soap opera? Was it actually as watchable as I recall? Just like George Lucas shat all over my memories of the original Star Wars series, the memory of how good Heroes may have been is permanently soiled by what it has become. Someone needs to shoot this show in the back of the head. Twice. — Clark from “Nerd Date”

Seriously, why couldn’t Heroes frickin get it together this season? They have so many resources, but they can’t seem to kill anyone off, can’t seem to pull off a legitimate romance (Are there any women on this writing table? I seriously doubt it), and can’t seem to pull off a dramatic arc that goes anywhere but tepid. The best episode of the year so far was when the heroes lost their powers and even that ended sorta lamely. They need to do what they promised us in the first season: transform Masi Oka into a bad-ass, bring back a real kid (if Claire and her adopted father get into the same argument one more time…), and start killing people off again — not just the older, auxilliary characters that we didn’t care about in the first place. Here’s my Dead in ’09 wish list: Sylar, Claire’s adopted parents, Nathan Petrelli, Maya, and Suresh. — etc

I haven’t had much time for TV this year, and the shows I started to hate have fallen from my memory. I do have to say I was turned off by both Lost and Heroes, because the ridiculous levels got too high, but that may have been in 2007. — Gudrun from “Secret Life of a Nerd Girl”

I used to love Heroes, but I’ve been watching it become more convoluted and ridiculous through the years, and this year it’s been pretty much terrible. And yet, I still find myself watching week after week. I have already given it so much time that I feel the need to stick around in hopes that maybe it will turn itself around. It’s starting to feel like a bad relationship. Maybe I need to come to terms with the fact that Heroes is just not that into me. — Robin from “Wonderfully Awful”

Worst T.V. show? Jesus – throw a rock. Rules of Engagement, How I Met Your Mother, any goddammm reality show that airs anywhere… There are too many bad, bad, BAD shows to name, and waaaaay too many reasons why they’re bad to start delineating them. Every show on TV except for maybe, let’s say, ten or twelve shows should be ripped right off the air. TV is in a sick, sick place right now, and I long for the days when I could check-in on the latest antics of the innocuous ne’er-do-wells in  City Guys, or even Sk8r. And that’s pretty rough. — Jordan from “Enough Already”

Continues to be Scrubs. Those med residents are so smug. I can’t stand that one guy with the hair, and that blonde girl who talks way too fast. Every episode has to jam a “life lesson” down your throat too. I hate that show and I don’t care who’s pregnant by whom.  — Tabitha from “Fierce Science”

And in the reality corner…

Greatest American Dog

Greatest American Dog

All American Dog or something like that [Ed. Note: It’s The Greatest American Dog]. It was a competition reality show that was hardly based in reality. Couldn’t give it more that 10 minutes. — Kelli from “Fierce in Seattle”

I finally watched a full hour of American Idol this year. I was speechless. Still am.  — Kaboom from “Venice Flytrap”

I love America’s Next Top Model, but I have to say it is not even worth watching after Whitney’s win last year. Tyra is more out there than ever on this season and the girl I liked best didn’t even place in the top three. Actually, I can’t even think of who won this season cos it was so forgettable. Sad! — Missy from “Dork Lifestyle”

Did I mention that I hate reality TV?  The worst TV Show of 2008 would have to be the Designed to Sell episode I was in.  Who lets this crap on the air?  (They replay it all the time, so it may be the worst show of ’09) — Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd” EDITOR’S UPDATE: Aaaghhh! They’re showing this episode again on January 23! Go here for more info. Amy may hate this show, but her living room looks adorable.

The Republican National Convention. If, for no other reason, than for the radioactive greenscreen that glowed behind poor old John McCain during his acceptance speech, making him look more like a wacky local weatherman than a viable presidential candidate. — Ryan from “Fierce Anticipation”

Any dating reality show that involves dating cast-offs from other reality shows or bachelor’s mothers. — Jessica from “Musings on the Amusing”