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FaN Gets All Hoped Up: Our New Year’s Resolutions for 2009…

nyeresolutionI’m resolving to be more involved in the snacks and party offerings I bring to get-togethers next year. Like making cheese logs or cookies instead of mindlessly buying a bottle of wine. I also want to get better at giving people presents on their birthdays. I don’t do that enough. — Tabitha from “Fierce Science”

To never again fill out an end-of-the-year wrap up questionnaire for Fierce and Nerdy.  However, I doubt I’ll be able to keep this resolution, as Ernessa T. Carter is an annoyingly persistent editor. When it came time to making her contributors fill out the end-of-the-year wrap up questionnaire that you are now reading, she was like an evil galley ship master, relentlessly whipping our already bloody backs to get as much free content as possible.  — Ryan from “Fierce Anticipation”

Less US Weekly, more actual book readin’. Step one is losing the celeb gossip rag subscription. Step two is just say no to late night TiVo in bed. That one will be a bit harder to stick to. I’ve already started a book and it’s about a cat. I figured that’s a good start for me. — Robin from “Wonderfully Awful”

I am tired of making major resolutions that I never keep.  So this year, I have a couple small things in mind.  I want to take a cooking class, start an exercise routine of some kind, work harder on paying off my debt and see a career counselor or someone similar to discuss career advice. — Monique from “Political Physics”

I have a few resolutions – one is to eat more fruit. I love sweets, but I think I need to turn to nature’s candy this year! I also started yoga and trapeze in 2004. I kept with trapeze (silks aerials) but not yoga. I hope to try and stick with it more this year. I also would like to update my wardrobe – I have some clothing that I have had since high school! My goal is to try and buy more organic and USA made clothing. — Missy from “Dork Lifestyle”

To focus completely on my acting career and put all other things on the backburner. This is what I have always wanted to do with my life. Yet I got caught up in other adventures along the way. Keep it? It’s the only thing I have in my sight line. — Kaboom from “Venice Flytrap”

I resolve to see more movies this year, because movies rule so hard. And, yeah – I’m pretty committed to keeping this one.? — Jordan from “Enough Already”

To figure out how to plan a wedding because I am CLUELESS. — Jessica from “Musings on the Amusing”

Financial stability. I know it’s kind of the opposite of what the markets are up to, but I think I can do it because I’m able to slow down a bit and take stock of where I am and how I can do things. I’m not saying financial freedom, just a plan that will bring me to a better place, like, not in quite so much debt. — Gudrun from “Secret Life of a Nerd Girl”

In the past years I’ve gone all out, but this year I’m keeping it small: Get a publishing deal for my first novel, make Fierce and Nerdy the best blog in the history of ever, put 2 webisode series up on Fierce and Nerdy, birth a baby, get pregnant again, and finish my second novel. What? — etc

I am going to try to be more positive.   I need to see small things as accomplishments instead of seeing all the things I still have to do. I got this realist behavior from my mother and it always brings me down when I’m around her.  I can see that it is affecting my relationships and it has to change before I lose important people in my life. — Delia from “Chic Geek”

It’s time to kick everything up a notch: health, career, friendships, etc. A comfortable life is a safe life but offers few surprises, and I’ve been comfortable for too long. It’s time for some risky business. — Clark from “Nerd Date”

Write as often as I can, for my sanity. Now that I have my new desk that Seen got me for Xmas it’ll be much, much easier.  Thank You Seen!
Oh and to eat veggies and lean proteins and cut the sugar, wheat and beers to a minimum.  I have to; I’m a much better person when I eat right. — Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd”

And a few of our bloggers are resolving to do the same thing. But get this, none of the matching bloggers live in the same city. Small country. Find out who matched with who after the jump…

Resolute Happiness:

Be happy.  — Roya from “Fierce Foodie”

Be Happy. I like simple goals that I can keep. — CH from “Buy Your Geek This”

No Resolution Resolutions:

My New Year’s resolution is not to make any New Year’s resolutions, but I’ll probably break it at least three times before the ball drops. Resolutions are just guilt booby-traps rigged to go off in mid-January. Instead I’ll try to reset my internal compass for true north, knowing damn well I’ll get knocked off course; lose my bearings; take detours, short cuts and wrong turns. But that all roads lead to myself in the end. — Jeff from Hippie-Squared

I don’t really believe in resolutions for the new year and feel you can re-invent or resolve to do something anytime of the year. — Kelli from “Fierce in Seattle”

I resolve not to make any other New Year’s resolutions than this one.  –Redheaded Stepchild