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Fierce Anticipation: Oct. 31 – Nov.2


A blogumn by Ryan Dixon


Ghost-to-Ghost on Coast to Coast
While it seems like truly bizarre radio programs can now only be found while driving deep into the desert or hiking through the dueling banjos territory of Appalachia, the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (airing 10PM-2AM, six nights a week) is perhaps the final outpost where the rest of us can experience the weird and wacky. Coast to Coast deals with a variety of topics, but frequently focuses on the paranormal or conspiracy theories. However, what’s particularly amusing about this show is that, no matter the crazy quotient of the content, host George Noory acts as a late night Larry King, believing the interviewee fully whether he is talking about the financial crisis or ghosts that haunt the White House. For those of you who want to give it a listen, there’s no better night than tonight’s Ghost-to-Ghost broadcast where listeners call in with their scariest “true” ghost stories.
On Air tonight at 10PM PST (check local listings)

Note: Dear Readers, do you have ghost stories to share? Write about it the comments section below. Let’s make this a weekend of the Fierce and Ghostly.


The Miracle of Christmas
Perhaps in an effort to beat the Devil at his own game, The Sight and Sound Theatre is opening The Miracle of Christmas at their Strasburg “Witness was shot here” Pennsylvania location this weekend. If Cirque du Soliel is too outré for you, than these religious extravaganzas might just be the spectacle fix that you’re looking for. With well over a million visitors per year and having just opened a new location in Branson “The Broadway of the Bible Belt” Missouri (now showing: Noah! The Musical), each location features a 300 ft wrap around stage and the world’s largest collection of animatronic animals. If you can’t make it this holiday season, be sure to buy your tickets soon for next spring’s Daniel: A Dream, a Den, a Deliverer.
Opens Tomorrow


Battleground Talkers Tour
We’ve had The Three Tenors, The Three Amigos and The Holy Trinity, and now you have a chance to see live and in person “The Three People You’d Least Like to be Stuck in a Elevator With” as conservative radio hosts Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt tour the battle ground states to deliver right wing talking points. Unlike the fons et origo of conservative talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, who comes off like a ranting, yet entertaining ideological carnival barker despite one’s own personal revulsion to the content, this trio – often scheduled right after one another in a The Sorrow and the Pity-like nine hour block – make their points with minimal humor and maximum pomposity and have no qualms informing the listener at every possible juncture just how smart they are. Unfortunately, either due to a severe lack of spell check skills or as a misguided attempt at subversive verbal discountenance to urban elites (a category to which all three men hypocritically belong), this triumvirate of lifetime MENSA members seems to have forgotten how to correctly spell the City of Brotherly Love on their website…


Ghost Photo Credit: Stephen Groeneveld