Fierce Fwd: The Caster Semenya Follow-Up

So when I got home from my hair appointment on Friday, I saw that the Caster Semenya results had m/b been leaked and she was m/b an hermaphrodite. Here’s how Gawker put it:

Okay, so they found that Caster Semenya, one of the best female sprinters in the world:
1. Has no womb.
2. Has no ovaries.
3. Has “internal testes.”
4. Has three times the testosterone of a normal woman.

I sent the story to MMKV from “Political Physics,” who had written on this very topic 3 weeks ago b/f the results were known. Here’s our email exchange. We’re both pictured w/ kids, b/c we had this exchange on our iPhones in one hand and our progeny in the other. This is how moms have to do politics sometimes.

etcbettybraidhawkDid you see this?

lockhawkYeah. I figured she was intersexed and just did not know it.  The question is what happens now?  The rulings concerning intersexed women have been inconsistent.  They have already said they will not take her medals, but she may not be able to run competively again.  What happens to her career, source of income, etc.?  And I still think if they ban her from running, then they need to test every woman in competition not just the ones that do not meet their physical standards of beauty.

etcbettybraidhawkCan I run [your] email as a short post this Tuesday?

lockhawkSure, [ just add] that the IAFF needs to be clear that in no way is this her fault.