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Fierce in Seattle: A Kid Again


A blogumn by Kelli Bielema
Lil Kelli and her friend, Ann

Lil Kelli and her friend, Ann

Because they say Christmas is for children, I’m gonna to act like one this year.  For the first time in I can’t remember how long, I’m reverting back to my youth, partly due to the weather.  Snow for Christmas… in Seattle? It has happened. In spades.

It really has made me feel like a kid again.  I’ve been having snow days due to office closure.  The city itself has pretty much shut down.  I’m staying outside on purpose until I no longer have sensation in my toes.  I consider myself to be indoorsy in this outdoorsy region, but I LOVE THE SNOW!!!

I’m wearing layers, and boots, often like my winters in the Midwest, but sans the Wonder Bread bags on my feet between sock layers—very grateful that footwear insulation has made progress.  I’m shoveling snow, except nowadays,  my back hurts from it.  I’m eating too much candy—well, some things will never change.  I used to sneak a peek at my gifts under the tree and slowly pick away at the tedious tape so that no one could tell I had opened it  — but au contrare, my mother was the clever one to never wrap anything in its original package.  Now I get my gifts shipped to me and this year am having a difficult time restraining the urge to open them all! Who will see?  My family is not here!  While I do miss them this time of year I prefer to see them just before or after the holidays, so I will be visiting them in January (ideal weather conditions in Illinois, of course).

But while I’m in the Northwest and feeling like a kid again because of all this snow, I’m gonna  watch at least 10 hours of 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS and never tire of it—even though I own a copy of the DVD.