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Fierce in Seattle: Four-ohhhhh.

It’s here. Almost. Forty. And really, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Well, other than I am inviting some of my best pals to a house I rented on the South Kona coast for a week. No big deal. I do think it is a rite of passage and I feel mostly well-prepared to cross it. There are a lot of unnecessary pressures that I have put on myself to have a number of things accomplished in my life by this point, but oops, guess they didn’t get done…and maybe they will when I have a few more years under my belt. Even my healthcare provider just sent me a note to remind me to “register for infertility treatment today!” I’m sure this is the letter sent to all of their members prior to turning 40. And while I appreciate the nudge, I am not interested in being a parent to a human child. But thanks, United Healthcare, for the options.

There are plenty of things I have wanted to accomplish by now…or things I thought I wanted to. But who is to say that age is a factor in accomplishing anything? You hear about senior citizens going to back to college, retirees starting new businesses, and marathon runners reaching their 70th birthdays. I think that the knowledge that I gain over the years can only help me in those endeavors even more. I’ve often let blind faith lead my way in life with the theory “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” While it has proven itself more often than I could have imagined, it hasn’t been without its struggles. The theory I am now adopting is “make it so.” It leaves a little bit more room for interpretation and has a bit more of a positive spin. It’s sort of like a “just do it” for those things I haven’t already done.

But, whoa, I am hardly of the thought that 40 is some sort of slow walk into a death march. Far from it. I think things are only getting better. I’m sure 70 is going to be super fierce.  How have you dealt with milestone birthdays over 30?  Are you slapping on the anti-aging retinols or waving your AARP card in the air with pride?

featured image credit: Phil Gyford