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Fierce in Seattle: I Wanna Be Where You Are. Umm…on second thought, maybe not.


a blogumn by Kelli Bielema

I was recently asked, “Do you ever think you will move back to L.A.?” And my response “unequivocally, without question, that’s a big fat No.”

That’s not to say Hollywood wasn’t good to me at times, but more often than not, it was a place that was always waiting for something better to come along. That city can romance you with year-round sunshine, a busy social life, a feeling of importance within the entertainment industry and ultimately, the world at large. But the tease can often fall short of the reality. An L.A.  neighbor once told me “Kelli, you don’t have to love L.A, because it doesn’t love you.” And I couldn’t make L.A. love me if she don’t. But I miss her on occasion. Mexican food, Koreatown, hikes in Griffith Park, movies on the lawn at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Sunset Junction and oh, of course, my friends.

A very Seattle tribute to the King of Pop

A very Seattle tribute to the King of Pop

The one thing I don’t miss about L.A. is the drama. It had reached its climax last week with Michael Jackson’s funeral.

First, let’s remember that someone died. And he was super famous and sold a lot of records and influenced some artists etcetera, etcetera. But, we should also remember that he was accused of child molestation, in financial dire straits, had a compulsion with plastic surgery, lived in a theme park, had a locked hidden closet in his bedroom and once wore pajamas to court. Come on, the guy was weird. I’m not about to discount any of his contributions to music. I know the entire “Thriller” album backwards and forwards and still dance in my underpants to “Off the Wall.”

I see that honoring someone so influential is key, but shutting down 2 freeways and in turn asking the residents of Los Angeles to help cover the costs is nothing short of bonkers. The dénouement in all of this is that in the last couple of days, the site that would let you donate by PayPal is no longer accepting any contributions. Do you think the reason listed – server crashes – was enough to pull this from the interwebs? It’s the City of Los Angeles website. It’s gotta lotta power…right? Did they stop because they got enough, you ask? $17,000. I’m shocked they collected that much.

In the end, the circus, the opulence, the theatrics were all very Michael Jackson. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Wacko Jacko headline without a little controversy. Hmm. Makes me want to scream. Sorry for all of the lyrical references, it’s just human nature….